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See it faster and solve sooner with MapInfo Pro v16

At our first ever virtual meetup, learn more about the latest version of MapInfo Pro from the experts who know it best.

By Tom Probert, Global Product Manager, MapInfo Pro

Businesses are always looking for more effective ways to forecast their next move. Having real-time insight into not just the customer landscape but the geography of a given market is invaluable for forecasting in many industries, for example network coverage  within telecommunications organizations.

Knowing both the human and geographic variables that can dictate a network expansion, for instance, is a must for individuals tasked with balancing expansion alongside budget constraints. Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro, a desktop mapping and geographic information system (GIS) solution, has been the premier  mapping tool used by these business teams for more than two decades to accomplish exactly that.

Pitney Bowes is happy to announce that this already pack-leading solution has just gotten better with the introduction of the enhanced MapInfo Pro v16. This latest iteration allows users to visualize data and capitalize on insights in less time than ever thanks to new interactive thematic mapping capabilities as well as an on-demand access to global geocoding via the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud.

With the cloud now interacting with the desktop through MapInfo Pro v16, businesses can gain richer insights from more precise data sets, giving them the ability to locate and geocode addresses and places in more than 140 countries. While the amount of data users have access to has expanded with MapInfo Pro v16, the software actually has a simpler, more intuitive functionality than previous versions. As has been our trademark, these new features can be harnessed using existing IT systems and programs, allowing users to share data with many third-party GIS partners through today’s most popular file formats..

To introduce MapInfo Pro v16, Pitney Bowes will be hosting our first-ever global virtual event on October 26th to 27th,, the MapInfo Pro Virtual Meetup. I’ll personally be hosting, along with Ashley Crane, sharing our combined 40-plus years of experience working on MapInfo Pro to give users the tips and tricks they need to turn rich data insights harvested through our software into effective actions.

We’ll be employing the latest interactive, online conference technology to connect with customers during the event to best deliver relevant and engaging sessions that will make a difference in users’ day-to-day success.

Whether you are an existing MapInfo Pro user or just dipping your toes into the waters of mapping and GIS solutions to improve business performance and fuel growth, sign up to take part in the MapInfo Pro Virtual Meetup and learn more about the expanded capabilities that v16 has to offer. 

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