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Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor uses Location Intelligence solutions to help clients visualize marketing plans.

Client profile

  • Largest wholly South African-owned outdoor advertising media company
  • Oversees 15,000 advertising panels across the country, including digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban ad spaces, billboards and other outdoor ad spaces
  • Offers customer segmentation across demographic categories and regions, from cities to rural areas
  • Part of the Out-of-Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd.

Business goals

  • Attract new customers and win larger share of marketing budget from existing customers
  • Find innovative new ways to provide clients with location-based data
  • Determine best areas for growth


  • Delivers better proposals that help clients visualize marketing plans
  • Provides value and insights that improve prospect and client experiences
  • Attracts new clients and expands business with existing clients

Technologies used

MapInfo® Pro

Award-winning desktop mapping and spatial analytics software, carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users like you.

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Multi-channel marketing has become the standard for marketers and advertisers. This has created a complex, dynamic landscape, with marketers spreading their budgets across various media. Primedia Outdoor needed to find a way to deliver innovative, location-based information that would help them earn a greater share of marketing dollars from their existing clients and attract new ones. MapInfo® Pro from Pitney Bowes has helped Primedia Outdoor and its clients see the big picture with tailored Location Intelligence and market insights.

Business challenge

Multi-channel marketing has created serious challenges for the outdoor advertising market. Marketers have been spending more on other media channels, such as digital, apps, TV and news, versus spending on traditional outdoor advertising. In a data-driven era, the main challenge confronting Primedia Outdoor was being able to demonstrate the performance of outdoor advertising against other media channels. The company’s clients needed to see this data to justify their use of outdoor advertising. Without it, they were more likely to spend their marketing dollars elsewhere.

“The spatial analytics that MapInfo Pro enables are critical in determining where we focus our business as we expand into African markets.” Jorja Buckham,
Marketing Services Manager,
Primedia Outdoor



Primedia Outdoor worked with Pitney Bowes and its partner ST Group to dramatically improve its Location Intelligence capabilities. ST Group, the Pitney Bowes partner and distributor for South Africa, introduced MapInfo Pro to provide the Location Intelligence and market insights Primedia Outdoor needed to build its business and help its clients see just how outdoor advertising could deliver major impact.

To help influence clients’ media buying, Primedia Outdoor incorporates industry research data (e.g. South Africa’s All Media and Products Study “AMPS”) into MapInfo® Pro, where it can be geographically mapped. These large datasets would otherwise be delivered in flat files or bar charts, which can be difficult to put into context. With mapping and advanced data visualization, Primedia Outdoor can put that data into context, which helps clients make informed decisions during their media buying process.

“MapInfo Pro plays an integral role in our marketing services strategy,” says Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor. “Our strategists use it to generate Location Intelligence and market insights that are tailored to our clients’ advertising needs and networks.”

In addition, MapInfo Pro enables Primedia Outdoor to analyze and derive Location Intelligence to inform product development initiatives and guide business management in selecting new site locations to target. Internally, the company uses MapInfo Pro information to create strategies for client distribution and branch locations, location contexts, and points of interest in surrounding areas. This information is communicated to clients along with map and site outputs, so clients do not have to do all the analysis on their own.

“Primedia Outdoor finds great value in Location Intelligence, and our investments in MapInfo Pro and related spatial data from ST Group have proven very worthwhile,” says Johan Haupt, Marketing Services Strategist. ST Group has played a critical role in growing the use of MapInfo Pro, providing data, support, and consulting projects where appropriate.

To support Primedia Outdoor’s expansion outside of South Africa, ST Group has provided vital analysis of focal areas in target cities and worked with Primedia Outdoor to interpret the results.

“Earlier this year, ST Group undertook a project to identify key nodes of retail activity in a number of African markets. The project included multiple phases and additional consultation to arrive at the best possible result," explains Jorja Buckham, Marketing Services Manager for Primedia Outdoor. “The spatial analytics that MapInfo Pro enables are critical in determining where we focus our business as we expand.”


The Location Intelligence and insights Primedia Outdoor has gained since implementing MapInfo Pro have allowed the company to help its clients see the big picture as they’re determining their media buys. Primedia Outdoor now can deliver more detailed, data-rich proposals, so those clients can visualize how their marketing dollars will be spent and know what sort of return they can expect.

Clients also gain greater insight into the value of outdoor advertising, thanks to MapInfo Pro’s superior data visualization capabilities and ability to geographically map industry research data.

Internally, MapInfo Pro has helped Primedia Outdoor determine the best way to grow and expand its business throughout Africa.

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