Protect Critical Public Infrastructure Assets with Confirm

By Lorena Hathaway

When vital infrastructure like roadways, street lights, signage and other resources that the public relies on begin to deteriorate, the consequences can be massive. If people can’t get to work, for instance, because their route to the office is in a major state of disrepair, that can grind local economies to a halt.

One of the biggest hurdles that governing bodies face when attempting to better maintain their infrastructure assets is funding allocation. In most communities, infrastructure management funds are already predetermined on an annual basis and don’t account for unexpected emergency projects or unforeseen cost overruns. As a result, there are almost never enough funds readily available to tackle every single infrastructure project on the town’s wish list. Instead, community leaders have to prioritize where they can get the biggest return on investment and which projects pose the biggest threat to public safety if untended.

All of this requires decision makers to analyze a great deal of data. As with any business process, accessing the applicable data sets through a unified view of the situation is the best way to digest large quantities of information and make an informed decision.

At the 2016 Public Works Expo (PWX) in Minneapolis from August 28-31, experts from Pitney Bowes will be on hand to discuss how our Confirm suite of infrastructure asset management solutions is uniquely positioned to help members of the American Public Works Association (APWA), which hosts the event, to tackle these challenges.

Pitney Bowes Confirm allows organizations in charge of vital support infrastructure to consolidate how they keep track of these assets, manage day-to-day maintenance activities and keep people safe.  This is all done using map-based mobile asset management system to deliver efficiency savings through a real-time, two-way flow of information between a main office and those in the field.

Specific components of the Confirm suite include:

  • Secure and auditable GIS-based asset register
  • Support for any asset type
  • Field-based asset capture and inspections with mobile devices
  • Online/offline mobile working
  • Condition assessments and defects inspection
  • Citizen inquiries/defect reports from web, email, SMS and mobile
  • Supporting documents linked to assets
  • Comprehensive condition and performance reporting
  • CRM systems integrations

We’ll be available for a short presentation on Tuesday, August 30th from 1:00 to 1:50 pm in booth 1919 at the Technology Pavilion to discuss how our Confirm suite of asset management solutions can streamline any maintenance undertaking at PWX 2016. Those who attend our presentation will be rewarded with a free Amazon gift card.