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Reinvention on display

Conference highlights: Pitney Bowes brings new efficiencies to existing technologies

How often do you reinvent your business? How do you decide what to do next?

At Pitney Bowes, we consider ourselves a ninety-six-year-old startup. It may sound like a contradiction, but it’s true. We’re continually reinventing ourselves in purposeful ways. Through a combination of brownfield and greenfield IoT solutions that, respectively, enhance existing technologies and introduce new ones, we’re helping businesses do things faster, better and more easily.

“What kinds of things?” you may ask. There are many: Engaging customers, locating opportunities, simplifying mailing and shipping, facilitating payments, and much, much more. Through the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, we’re streamlining client experiences and enabling a whole new range of new capabilities.

“But aren’t you the mail-meter company?” We are, and more. We’re also a PwC Global 100 Software Leader with leadership accolades from top analyst firms in a range of things including geospatial analytics tools and platforms, Master Data Management, and customer analytics solutions.

With an intelligent, client-centric approach to digital transformation, we’re helping our clients gain new agility and insight.

  • Developers can easily enhance location and geodemographic data by incorporating our extensive geodata into everyday applications, business processes, and workflows.
  • Enterprises are discovering more precise, complete views of their customers, and gaining ways to more efficiently manage global commerce challenges from location, to shipping to payments.
  • Small and Medium Businesses are gaining easy-to-implement solutions that help them identify customers, locate opportunities, deliver effective communications, ship everywhere and manage payments with speed and agility.

Our innovation at work

On November 30th, at AWS re:Invent 2016, we’re honored to be sharing the stage with Sarah Cooper, GM IoT Solutions at Amazon Web Services;as we present an API use case: Innovation after Installation.

This particular use case focuses on how we’ve simplified mail metering for small and medium businesses. With a SmartLink™ device, 1.5M clients can use their existing meters to access new cloud-based tools and services, including:

  • Automated postage rate updates
  • Low postage alerts
  • Automated meter-ink reorders
  • Usage tracking and analytics
  • Remote diagnostic support
  • Error notifications
  • Simple self-help tutorials

The simple-to-install retrofit device connects to the USB port of existing postage meters and to the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. 

How does it work?

SmartLink leverages Electric Imp’s Platform for secure device connectivity.  To collect and analyze the IoT data the solution uses AWS services, including Kinesis, Lambda, Dynamo DB, Amazon EMR, and Spark.

This IoT platform creates an always-on connection between Pitney Bowes postage meters and the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, powers instant software upgrades and remote diagnostics and provides valuable personalized insights and analytics to our customers.

The technology satisfies the requirements of both IT organizations and Postal authorities with special usability and security provisions.  The installation is simple and the device can be put right to work.

We’ve just shared one of many solutions now enabled by the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. To find out more about this and other solutions for developers, enterprises, and small and medium businesses, you can visit pitneybowes.com, our Developer Hub and/or check out our APIs on the AWS Marketplace.