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The layers of WHERE

Location has always played a critical role in mobile marketing. Not only does it identify who you should target, it impacts what you need to say in order to influence a sale.

An ad that appears on a highway billboard, for example, will be different than what’s promoted via in-store merchandising. In the same way, mobile engagements can deliver a more relevant experience when you target based on a customer’s precise needs and location vis-à-vis your retail footprint.

That’s where Branded Geofences come in. More than a dataset, this solution delivers a stack of layers...each one offering a new level of insight that can help you target with precision. Each layer includes a human-validated, spatially-accurate business-related geofence…and each geofence details a distinct area.

That way, you can select the right level of location detail and target your mobile advertising with greater accuracy for specific brands and location types. Layers include:

  • Business POI: A point location including business attributes, such as phone number, URL, and a business classification that’s far more specific SIC Code.
  • Business Geofence: A polygon enclosing the retail space occupied by a brand.
  • Building Geofence: A polygon surrounding the building footprint where the business’ retail space is located. In the case where the Business is a stand-alone business, the Business and Building polygons are equivalent.
  • Lot Geofence: A polygon surrounding the relevant lot space that the building occupies, encompassing the building, the parking areas, and service roads and/or walkways that provide access to the building.
  • Drive-time (or Walk-time) Geofence: These polygons are software generated and encompass the 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute drive (or walk) time areas surrounding the business.

Using Branded Geofences, you can easily combine and analyze disparate datasets about businesses, consumers, and contextual information such as geo-demographics, lifestyle attributes and the commercial vitality of an area. Together, this maximizes the effectiveness of mobile marketing, so you can build audiences, develop insights and deliver the most relevant content to the right person at exactly the right time.