Location Intelligence | Pitney Bowes

Give your big data the location advantage

Three capabilities transform big data into bigger insights.

Big data is all about scale. Many enterprises have already taken steps to develop big data architectures using frameworks such as Hadoop. Such frameworks also empower organizations to utilize proven Pitney Bowes capabilities in new and exciting ways.

We’ve recently introduced versions of three core products designed specifically for today’s big data challenges.

  • Spectrum™ Geocoding for Big Data
  • Spectrum™ Location Intelligence for Big Data
  • Spectrum™ Routing for Big Data

With these Spectrum™ for Big Data solutions, Pitney Bowes can now embed world-class Location Intelligence into the heart of big data. These products work natively in most big data frameworks including Hadoop and Spark, increasing the value of data with no sacrifice in speed or performance.

Spectrum™ Geocoding for Big Data

Pitney Bowes brings global geocoding and reverse geocoding to a big data audience. With a very modest-sized cluster (8 nodes), clients can geocode 100 million addresses in minutes. Enterprises with more common 100- or 1000-node clusters can easily take on tasks that would have taken days. In an IoT scenario, for example, a client could take a stream of geographic coordinates and quickly determine the mailing address and add new attributes for further analysis. 

Spectrum™ Location Intelligence for Big Data

The same engine that powers spatial analysis for today’s leading organizations is now equipped for big data. Customer locations can be correlated with Pitney Bowes demographic data to gain a deeper understanding of customers. By combining data with high-speed spatial operations like Point-in-Polygon or precise distance calculations, organizations can visualize patterns and trends that otherwise would go undetected. For example: Insurance companies can assess risk based by querying the Risk Data Suite; while Communication Service Providers can aggregate signal strength data from devices to identify areas that need improvement. Operations that once took weeks are now processed in under an hour.

Spectrum™ Routing for Big Data

Built atop the Global Routing API (GRA), organizations can now analyze big data with respect to a road network using proven routing capabilities. Quickly determine how many prospects live within a 10 minute drive of your site. Or, calculate the average commute time for customers. Such capabilities are critical for marketing, logistics, branch optimization and strategic planning.

All three products come with Hive UDFs and Spark Functions that make it easy for clients to embed our capabilities in their existing workflows. Multiple samples walk the user through the setup and usage of the products. Whether using Map Reduce, Hive SQL queries or Spark processing, the documentation provides detailed usage, examples and context for the APIs. All are certified with Cloudera and Hortonworks, the leading big data distributions.

Given the dynamic nature of our clients’ needs, we’ve not only delivered prebuilt integrations for Map Reduce, Hive, and Spark, but we have also exposed the underlying capabilities as Java SDKs that can be programmed against directly. A user can operate with these products directly for "bare metal" programming in their enterprise environment.

Together with our other Spectrum™ for Big Data solutions, the breadth and flexibility of these capabilities enables more customers to unlock more value from their big data.