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Webinar: So much data, so little time

Simple ways to accelerate geocoding, spatial analytics and address management

Financial institutions process hundreds of billions of transactions per year1. A single telecommunications company can process more than a billion individual events a day. Businesses have plenty of data points. What they really need is more insight, and ways to get at that insight really fast.

Now there are enormously efficient ways to get to the answers that are driving business today. Big data solutions from Pitney Bowes let you process more data, more quickly, to get to the actionable Location Intelligence and customer insight you need.

Join our upcoming webinar, and you’ll learn how industry-leading geocoding, spatial analytics and address management can all be performed natively in Hadoop to return results at incredible speed and scale.

The speed you require

Processes that once took hours or days can now be completed in a matter of minutes. Imagine, for example, geocoding 100M+ records in half an hour, or aggregating billions of call records into a single coverage map.

The answers you need

This isn’t just incredibly fast processing; it’s processing with a purpose. You’ll hear how leading businesses are putting these capabilities to use.

  • Insurers can access a single view of risk for better underwriting and portfolio management.
  • Telecoms can see how their customers and service aligns across their entire network.
  • Financial services companies can resolve entities faster and more precisely.
  • Organizations across industries are using sensor data to gain new insight into the performance of equipment, personnel, clients and customers.

Catch the Wave

We’re very excited that a leading analyst firm has dubbed Pitney Bowes a leader in Geospatial Analytics Tools and Platforms. With our big data solutions, we’re delivering this Location Intelligence faster than ever.

Catch the Webinar

Register today. This live webinar will be presented on Wednesday November 16, 2:00pm ET.