Keep up with changing tax jurisdictions.


Keep up with today's constantly changing tax jurisdictions and avoid over- or under-payments. GeoTAX makes it easy to standardize addresses and append accurate jurisdiction information to your records—so you can step up to new requirements mandated by state and local laws.

Approximately 25% of all 19000 incorporated municipalities in the U.S. change their boundaries each year.

Tax with confidence
For sales and use, insurance, and payroll taxes use the resource specifically designed for jurisdiction assignments. Eliminate the costly process of keeping up-to-date with boundary adjustments and steer clear of costly penalties--even class-action suits.

Avoid overcharging and underpaying
Don’t rely on ZIP Codes alone. ZIP Codes are designed for delivering mail. They often don’t align with taxing jurisdictions or shift with jurisdiction-assignment changes. Use GeoTAX to avoid overcharging or underpaying. And ensure that you comply with new legislation such as the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act prohibits the use of ZIP codes alone for tax assignments.

Opt for flexibility and usability
Invest in the tax information you need today--and be confident in your ability to expand your coverage as your business grows. Integrate tax jurisdiction assignment quickly and easily into existing processes. Rely on consistent system operations and processing results across all platforms.

Improve your data quality as you tax
Determine address completeness according to official standards. Ensure the accuracy of customer and employee records. Integrate current jurisdictional boundary information. Ensure quarterly updates to stay on top of jurisdictional boundary changes.

Usability for all roles
  • Data-quality features improve efficiencies across the operation
  • Supports all different tax applications:
    • Sales and use tax
    • Payroll tax
    • Insurance premium tax
Flexible capabilities for today and tomorrow
  • Modular and comprehensive—invest in what you need; expand as your needs grow
  • Offers the most extensive coverage worldwide – buy what you need
Adaptability to enterprise processes
  • Utilizes an open systems strategy
  • Utilizes the same software running natively on all major enterprise platforms including mainframes AS 400 Unix Linux and NT
  • Delivers consistent system operations and processing results across all platforms
Manageability at all stages
  • Integrates easily into existing processes
  • Associates address location with the correct code for the appropriate third-party processing system
Reliable performance and scalability
  • Determines address completeness according to official standards
  • Ensures the accuracy of customer and employee records
  • Provides jurisdictional boundary information
  • Assigns current taxing jurisdiction information to your employee or customer address files
Affordable TCO and certain ROI
  • With our GeoTAX SaaS and OnDemand solutions typical integration efforts take hours not days.
  • With no investment in servers no ongoing maintenance and no software updates to install you can save time and money month after month.
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Quicker time to value
  • Flexibility to rapidly scale based on market opportunities
  • Automatic access to the most current most accurate information
  • More efficient collaboration
*From Ventana Research: Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Geocoding: Choosing the Right Software to Provide Location Intelligence. ©Copyright Ventana Research 2012

Industry Applications

Across industries companies benefit from GeoTAX use for payroll and property taxes with resulting increased efficiency and improved data quality.

Additional specific industry applications include:

For Telecommunications Companies:

  • Wireline and wireless tax assignments
  • Sales and use taxes including assignment based on primary point of use
  • Compliance with MTSA

For Utilities:

  • Sales taxes

For Insurance Companies:

  • Insurance premium taxes

For Retail:

  • Sales taxes