Location Analytics

Derive enhanced business insights from the visualization, analysis and modeling of location and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.

See patterns and trends more easily with detailed maps and graphics to uncover and visualize new opportunities.


Stronger, smarter and simpler because of you.

MapInfo® Pro's award-winning desktop mapping and spatial analytics software is carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users like you.


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Location Analytics Portfolio

MapInfo® Pro - Desktop GIS

Experience game-changing productivity, power and support.

MapInfo Pro, the world’s premier desktop mapping application, lets you create, analyze and share spatial information like never before. It enables the super-fast processing, visualization and analysis of high-resolution grid and image data; providing a step change in performance and usability even when working at a continental or global scale.


Spectrum Spatial™

One location-intelligent solution for every person, every process, every challenge.

Spectrum Spatial is the Location Intelligence solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility you need to overcome key business challenges. Turn data into actionable insights. Integrate Location Intelligence into any workflow. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalize geospatial data for your unique needs.


Add rich GIS capabilities to any business application.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET developers

  • Develop custom geospatial applications.
  • Integrate location-based insight into business operations.
  • Easily embed Location Intelligence in operating systems, analytical systems and the web.

Spectrum Enterprise Routing Module

Combining point-to-point calculations with miles or minutes functionality

Calculate routes, determine points within a boundary and move goods from one point to another at the lowest possible cost.