Spectrum® Location Intelligence Module

Enable smarter business decisions with Location Intelligence.

Gain valuable insights through the analysis and visualization of geospatial information. Reduce risks and make better decisions when you integrate geospatial context into your enterprise software deployments. With this set of adaptable capabilities, you can deliver location-based intelligence to every geodata-dependent process. 

Transform location insights into intelligence

Improve planning

Visualize opportunities.  Understand risks.

Inform decision-making

Increase precision. Enrich insight

Boost operational efficiency

Automate analysis.  Streamline results.

Increase savings

Reduce waste.  Reduce wasted effort.

Customer Case Studies

Optimize service, expedite delivery and uncover opportunities.

Soul Restaurants leveraged more accurate data and better routing to make faster deliveries and improve customer service and satisfaction. They were able to rapidly eliminate route conflicts that occurred when they acquired an additional 200 restaurants, and identify opportunities to service demand beyond their current delivery zones.

Maximize competitive advantage and drive sales.

Telenor Pakistan wanted an intuitive way to identify location-based sales and product trends.  They built a location-based application within their existing Business Intelligence platform that presents their data in an online mapping format for enhanced analysis and faster decision making.

Features and Capabilities

Key features

  • Operational Location Intelligence analysis
  • Data mapping and visualization
  • Workflow design using Location Intelligence, geocoding and routing
  • Web service configuration for data and workflows

Flexible web services

Allows web designers to incorporate Location Intelligence data and analysis using a variety of services:

  • Share intelligent maps for desktop and enterprise using OGC™ WMS, WFS, and WMTS standards.
  • Query your features, run analysis, and request maps using SOAP, REST, or POST/GET requests.
  • Visually create LI workflows and enable them as callable services.

Data support

  • Supports a wide variety of data formats and business intelligence platforms, including:
    • Generic Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
    • SAP HANA
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL/PostGIS
    • GeoPackage
  • Customizable data provider allows users to access data from custom or database types that aren’t supported out-of-the-box.

Rich Internet Access (RIA) controls and API

  • Contains RIA controls that allow users to easily embed maps and other location-based capabilities into websites.
  • Controls also contain a JavaScript API which can be used to develop custom front-end mapping applications.

Pre-built web applications

Pitney Bowes has pre-built web applications that can be used to access and display Location Intelligence data and functionality.

  • Spectrum Spatial Analyst is a web mapping application that provides easy access to information and insights within a spatial context, and supports data interoperability and integration.
  • Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence is designed specifically for the consumption, analysis and display of business intelligence data.  It supports a wide variety of existing BI tools including SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, and Tableau.


Provides more performant, standardized options for accessing and analyzing data.

  • Get data and insights off of your desktop and into the enterprise to share across your organization.
  • Design workflows using operations from across the entire spectrum platform.
  • Support large volumes of data and transactions with scalable architecture.
  • Integrate with existing business processes.

Pitney Bowes Data


Spectrum for Location Intelligence can be used with a variety of different data formats. Supported formats include; 


Pitney Bowes Software offers a large collection of data that will work seamlessly with our Spectrum platform. 

Vertical data

If you're looking for data particular to your industy, Pitney Bowes has you covered. Explore our vertical datasets

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