Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Web based mapping, GIS and analytics designed to enable users across an organization with up to date location insights.

Every day, analysts tap into the power of Location Intelligence. They are finding new ways to uncover business insights to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between people, places and things. Enable your organization to take full advantage of this intelligence so you can side-step risks, attract new customers, identify new opportunities, and make better decisions.


Generate value immediately.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is ready to use and designed to deliver rapid ROI.

Accessibility across devices and platforms.

Deliver web mapping, mobile mapping, querying, and analytical capabilities to current desktop browsers and all popular mobile touch devices including iOS, Android and Windows.

Enriched customer experiences.

GIS & mapping and location-enabled services can be shared with customers and citizens via a browser-based interface that improves satisfaction, loyalty and facilitates self-service.

Collaboration support.

For better decision-making, business users can harness current, accurate and comprehensive Location Intelligence data across their organization.

Greater productivity.

Provide cost-effective access to Location Insights to all of the employees and executives who require them. This accelerates business performance and velocity.

Swift implementation and Integration.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an out of the box, browser-based web GIS application that installs in moments. Our JavaScript API’s offer straightforward customization and seamless integration with existing applications (if required).

Reliability and scalability.

From global organizations to small startups and any organization in between, Spectrum Spatial Analyst is designed for scalability. That means that you can easily accommodate more users as well as complex GIS and spatial data sets and imagery.


User or role-based access insures that your users have access only to the information that they have permissions for.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst Features

Mobile friendly design

  • Regardless of device, customer experience is the same
  • Platform agnostic- works on all popular operating systems- windows, iOS, Android and Ubuntu

Custom templates

  • Display information in a way that provides a positive experience for your end users
  • No coding required to create a variety custom templates to suite business needs

Annotate your map

  • Set of tools to easily annotate your map with text, polygons, lines and more
  • Draw drive time and drive distance polygons for analysis
  • Use annotations to perform spatial queries, summaries and map-information

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Advanced Spatial Queries

  • Uses existing features or annotations to perform spatial queries on your data
  • Configure quick searches so users can get to results faster

Enhanced visualizations for your maps

  • Create meaningful visualizations on your map using thematic, heat density, and cluster maps
  • Enrich your data with charts, plots, video, images, and more

Edit data

  • Real-time edits to your records via a browser
  • Admin console to add, modify and delete user permissions

Browse and Add layers

  • Add your local spatial data to a browser and visualize information
  • Add any data from a spectrum spatial repository to your map 

Summaries for numeric data

  • See aggregated information of your numeric data 
  • See average, sum, minimum and maximum for your spatial selection

Customized print output

  • Build custom print templates for your organizations need
  • Configurable print template designer

And much more

  • Integrate with custom LIM data flows
  • Make solutions specific to your business needs
  • Add spatial data from external sources