Location Intelligence and GIS Webinars

Location Analytics for your data lake

Learn how the addition of location information to your data lake can inspire new business insights

Find out about improving the quality, completeness, and standardization of location information in existing data environments, as well as data information issues in new environments, and real-world use cases.

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Use Big Data analytics and geoenrichment to drive better business outcomes

Learn how organizations are evolving their location strategy to include big data technology and new data sources.

Join this webinar to also learn about use cases where companies use big data analytics to answer questions that were once very difficult or impossible to answer, as well see a live demonstration of big data technology. 

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Turning up the speed of GIS with MapInfo Raster

MapInfo Pro Raster will revolutionize the way GIS professionals use grid and imagery data and will dramatically improve efficiency. It’s a next generation raster grid-based engine and data format



Improve community engagement with web mapping

Your community wants to access council information at any time, from any device. Learn how Spectrum Spatial Analyst, our interactive web mapping solution, makes it easy for councils to engage.



How to add Location Analytics to business intelligence

Spectrum Spatial for BI provides advanced location analytics to understand the “where” factor in location-based information. Together with HP and Comerit, we explore applications and workflows...



Innovations in Geocoding 2016

Location matters, whether you need to save lives, cut costs, engage customers or reduce risk. In this webinar, Pitney Bowes experts provide an overview of the latest enhancements to our geocoding capabilities. 



Learn how to see it faster and solve it sooner with MapInfo Pro v16

The world’s premier desktop mapping application just got a power boost. Access rich data, explore intuitive functionality and generate answers faster than ever. 



Why Business Intelligence is Embracing Location Intelligence

Location intelligence and new mapping visualization tools provide a unique perspective on proximity relationships missing from the standard views business intelligence platforms commonly offer. 



The next opportunity with global data

Learn how data is used in a wide range of verticals. Backed by the analytical power of the Location Intelligence Suite, our detailed and accurate data can help you make decisions with confidence.