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Inspired by users, MapInfo Pro v17.0.2 delivers a highly efficient, capable and compelling user experience, from beginning to end.

With the most powerful, patented processing capabilities in the business, you’re ready to do the heavy lifting that massive datasets require.

A robust welcome experience, a fresh, new interface and customizable quick tools will streamline your success.

You can type in, find and execute commands all in one efficient step. Plus, a host of new usability features will speed your way to more insightful outputs.

What's new in v17.0.2?

MapInfo Pro Viewer - Starting with version 17.0.2, MapInfo Pro users who register with a Pitney Bowes online account are able to run MapInfo Pro in a connected Viewer Only (subscription) mode.

New Layout Commands -  We have added four new Layout commands to distribute selected items in a Layout. The four commands are available as Run Menu Commands, and from the Customize Ribbon dialog (so they can be used in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), or added to a mini-toolbar such as the Layout mini-toolbar, etc.).

GeoMap Base Maps - Three new base maps have been added. These new base maps are tile server maps using Pitney Bowes GeoMap service. The service requires login to your Pitney Bowes account. The new base maps are GeoMap Bronze, GeoMap Steel, and GeoMap Iron.

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