Innovating on Behalf of Our Clients

October 6 is CX Day. Maybe not something that you have marked on your calendar, but worth reflecting on why businesses are in business.  At Pitney Bowes we know that every day is about the client. From the first connection to every interaction forward, we are more focused than ever on our clients and their needs.

The relevance of Pitney Bowes solutions depends on understanding our clients’ broader sending needs, applications and workflows. The SendPro Mailstation, which launched in April of this year, is an excellent example of how client experience is driving new product creation. This modern, digital sending device with its postage-in-the-cloud capabilities and sophisticated features, is an evolution of the award-winning SendPro family of sending technologies. Businesses are using the compact, powerful and user-friendly technology to reduce the cost and complexity of sending, whether they are operating from a traditional workplace environment or working remotely. 

For 18 months before launch we tested product design, functionality and usability for the SendPro Mailstation with 500+ clients through a combination of quantitative and in-person user testing. Through this research, we were able to uncover the client must-haves for our next generation mailing solution. Identifying these needs early in the product’s development allowed us to design a device that would meet our client’s sending needs now and into the future.  We were also able to use this intense client focus to influence the final product design, leading us to increase touchscreen display size and refine the user interface to improve the product’s ease of use.

In addition to robust client research, the SendPro Mailstation launch leveraged learnings from 50+ beta trial participants. These trials tested the user interface and device functionality in real-world settings, providing valuable insight into how the device would perform in market at launch.  The learnings generated from beta testing have informed our ongoing strategy of enhancing the product through over-the-air software updates.

Our clients confirm our efforts are having a positive impact on their business:

“The new SendPro Mailstation is so easy to use, from weighing mail, to printing postage and even refilling postage on the device.”

        - Madelyn Torres, Executive Assistant and Finance & Operations Associate, Internationals Network “

We recently set up the SendPro Mailstation in our office and the solution has operated perfectly. The option to refill postage online and the ability to view postage history helps our business keep track of exactly what we are spending on postage each month. We also really love the clean, modern design.”

         - Mary Valenti, Executive Admin to CEO, PeriShip.

This client-centric approach made the SendPro Mailstation one of our most successful product launches in many years, which is demonstrated in the numbers. We recently celebrated a milestone of selling 10,000 units, averaging 100 sales every day for the first 100 business days since its launch.  

Jason Dies, Executive Vice President and President of Sending Technology Solutions