CX Day Blog

October 6 has been declared Global Client Experience (CX) Day, a fact that I have only just learned.  Maybe that’s because at Pitney Bowes it is not just one day on the calendar but rather an ongoing reminder that clients and their experiences are the foundation for our long-term success.  

For me, and the rest of Pitney Bowes, our North Star remains our clients.   What a global CX Day does allow is an opportunity to thank our clients and our teams for making the last 100 years possible.  

Early in 2013, I had just joined Pitney Bowes and was attending a cross-company leadership meeting. Joining me on stage was a large stuffed teddy bear. This 5’ plush bear came to symbolize our clients and that we should always put clients top of mind in every discussion.  It’s literally the giant bear in the room.  Soon afterwards, teddy bears started to appear around Pitney Bowes. Those symbols turned into action as client experience became front and center across the business.  

Client-centered innovation has driven improvements in how we serve our clients directly as well as back-end services.  More and more, it is about using our data better, developing tools for improved analysis and reducing possible errors. We have improved our web experience and invested in our billing systems and our capabilities to serve our clients better. We listen to our clients during product ideation, creation, and then adjust based on their feedback. We may not have always gotten it right and there is still more work to do; however, we have made important progress.

Employees are also central to delivering the client experience. We continue to educate and offer opportunities to improve our teams whether it’s for product development, process improvements or new business opportunities. Since the launch of our client-centered innovation program, we have made significant inroads across the business – even receiving external recognition for these efforts.   

We know that clients and their needs will evolve. What has not changed is that we will continue to be a partner that can drive value for all of our clients worldwide.  

Happy Global CX Day – a day that should matter to all of us.  

Marc Lautenbach, President and Chief Executive Officer