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Pitney Bowes among America’s Best Employers for Women 2022

For the fifth consecutive year, Pitney Bowes is proud to be recognized as a Best Employer for Women.

The survey conducted by Forbes and Statista Inc., covered over 45,000 women and assessed companies for Discrimination, Family Support, Flexibility, Parental Leave, Pay Equity, and Representation & Career.

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Women at Pitney Bowes are 43% of the global workforce and 28% of senior executives globally.
Here’s what they have to say:
Ruth Frank, Vice President, Experience Design
Ruth Frank

Vice President, Experience Design

"I am proud to be at Pitney Bowes, where we embrace diversity and maintain a culture of inclusion, courageous conversations and doing the right thing the right way, even when it’s hard. We are purposeful about building a global workforce that is composed of diversity of thought, experience, gender, race, abilities, religion and expression. By doing so, we win for our employees, partners and clients. We innovate more impactfully when we can explore a wider range of ideas. We win for our clients because we have deeper empathy for the diversity that exists in their companies."
Gillann Blunschi, Manager OTC Business Process Operations
Gillann Blunschi

Manager OTC Business Process Operations

"Pitney Bowes understands the significance of supporting the advancement of women both on an organizational and personal level. The result is an extraordinary roster of distinguished trailblazing employees. I am actually very lucky that here at Pitney Bowes there are outstanding women that are an inspiration to me on a daily basis. They share their experiences, give advice and help me to be the best I can be.”
Ana Chadwick Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ana Chadwick

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

“Pitney Bowes is a place that not only talks about diversity and inclusion, but actually demonstrates it as well. I feel it in every conversation. Everybody is being valued. People pause and listen or ask that clarifying question. It’s both the diversity and the inclusiveness that I have felt that makes me incredibly proud to have joined— be a part of—Pitney Bowes.”
Shemin Nurmohamed Chief Operating Officer, Sending Technologies
Shemin Nurmohamed

Chief Operating Officer, Sending Technologies

“Diversity and inclusion do not happen by accident; they become part of the cultural fabric of a company over many years of doing the right thing in the right way, every day. As a member of the Pitney Bowes global community, I can attest that we not only see, hear and appreciate diversity of thought, race, gender, religion, color and sexual orientation, but we seek it out. We nurture and support it. We know that it is this diversity and pluralism that makes us stronger and more resilient as a company. After all, a 100 year-old company does not happen by accident either.”
Rosie Simikel, SendTech Stakeholder Relationship Manager; Learning and Talent Development
Rosie Simikel

SendTech Stakeholder Relationship Manager; Learning and Talent Development

“Here at Pitney Bowes I have found tremendous support in creating a position that benefited my own career development goals and helped execute value to the company. Opportunities are vast here at Pitney Bowes if you are willing to broaden your mind and push out of your comfort zone. I took a temporary assignment in the U.S. from the U.K., transitioned to a permanent role here after the assignment was over, participated in various development programs, such as EiC. This introduced me to multiple areas of the business and am now in a role that allows me to exercise my skills and utilize my creativity to assist the business in growth for the future.”
Marsha Anastasia, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
Marsha Anastasia

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel

"From the day I walked into Pitney Bowes 23 years ago to today, I have always felt supported and empowered by my managers and my colleagues. Our culture is built on the strength of our diversity, where we support women in our workplace and help them and Pitney Bowes succeed. This past year throughout the pandemic, our family-friendly culture was evident and more critical than ever. Whether we were schooling our children at home, helping each other through isolation from family and friends, or filling in for others who were dealing with sick family members, we continued to provide unwavering support to each other, our clients and our company."
Our Board of Directors is 50% Women.