What our clients say

“California is undergoing major investment in its infrastructure, so it’s vital we have the assets to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and compete at the highest level,” said Mike Ghilotti, President, Ghilotti Bros Inc. “To help us secure financing for these assets, we needed a partner that would quickly understand our requirements and appreciate our need for a swift response. Wheeler Financial was a responsive, supportive partner that understood our business and complemented our existing relationships with other partners. They acted with speed and agility.”

“I’m thankful to start a relationship with an institution that is supportive of veteran and minority- owned businesses, which have traditionally struggled to find access to capital,” said Joe Jones, Founder, President and CEO of Covenant Trucking Company Inc., and a 20-year US Army veteran. “Wheeler Financial responded to our request quickly and with a competitive rate.”

“Our growth plan relies on continuous investment in capabilities,” said Greg Bryant, owner of Bryant’s Land and Development. “Getting the right equipment in place enables us to win and manage larger bids more effectively. And financing those investments with the right partners is equally important to achieving that growth. With Wheeler Financial, we found a finance partner with whom we could build a long-term relationship rather than just completing a one-off transaction.”

American Apparel is an iconic global fashion brand. The company needed a reliable partner to help it drive growth in new territories. Raffael Sarracini, Vice President, eCommerce for Gildan Activewear, owner of American Apparel, explained, “For us as a brand with a strong ethically made, sweatshop-free ethos, a critical requirement in our overseas expansion was giving our customers transparency, honesty, security and consistency in how they shop, wherever they’re located, whichever channel they use to interact with us. If they’re ordering from outside the US, we wanted to give them access to a wide selection of our products with absolute clarity on what they would be paying, and visibility of their order. We can now offer our clients a seamless shopping experience.”

Founded in 1952, Bric’s Milano has been selling luxurious, hand-crafted bags to its discerning clientele, and has grown into a prestigious brand synonymous with quality, artistry and style. With the help of Pitney Bowes, Bric’s Milano has taken its business beyond the stunning shores of Italy’s Lake Como, now shipping around the world, generating new revenue and driving growth. Celebrity endorsement and the power of social media led to an increase in demand for Bric’s Milano’s products from across the world. They wanted to seize this opportunity and reach customers in all the American markets but needed the proper resources to address some of the unique challenges faced when expanding outside the United States, such as logistical compliance and customer knowledge. Partnering with Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Services made the complex simple: Pitney Bowes managed the entire overseas process, helping Bric’s Milano localize the brand for new markets while keeping its Italian heritage at its heart.

Kendra Scott is a fashion-lifestyle brand with a conscience, and a strong culture of giving. Founder and entrepreneur Kendra Scott’s philanthropic values run throughout the business, which has grown from a $500 project in the spare bedroom of her home to a billion-dollar brand. Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Services has played a crucial role in helping the brand grow its presence overseas, offering localized currencies with taxes and duties calculated at checkout, so customers know exactly how much they’re paying, as well as fast and cost-effective shipping. “We wanted to make it as easy for our overseas customers to shop with us as it is for our US-based customers,” said CEO Kendra Scott. “They have a seamless, consistent shopping experience with us wherever they are in the world, which keeps them coming back.”

“SendSuite provides full visibility into our global shipping workflows and helps us optimize and streamline our operations,” said Geoff Labe, Director of Conferences, Events and Campus Center Services at Haverford. “We’ve gone from four day delays and never ending lines at our pick-up window, to an average turnaround time of less than 2 hours. SendSuite is the perfect technology complement to our physical transformation, which included redesigning our mail and package processing center and pick-up window.” – Haverford College


“A global footprint is essential for us. We have demand across the world and need to get our shoes and accessories to a diverse group of markets,” says Adam Bianco, Director, Tony Bianco. “By partnering with Pitney Bowes, we can sell to shoppers in more than 150 countries and territories and their end-to-end technology offers a seamless localized experience to our customers.” – Tony Bianco Shoes


"Electronic logging is less time consuming for us, and it leaves less room for error," said office manager Diana Rosado. "We can now say with confidence, the package was delivered to the recipient. We have the notation of when the mail was delivered to that department. We know who signed for it." – Wipro Limited


“We mail and ship both B2B and B2C domestically and internationally,” said Wendy Wilford, Marketing Administrator at UnCruise Adventures. “We use SendPro to get the best commercial rate for Priority Mail® shipments.” – Uncruise Adventures


“With the SendPro P3000, I have everything in one area, and I’m able to do everything at once,” said Josh Fallin, office services coordinator with the Twins. “With Commercial Base Pricing, we can send the same number of tickets using First Class® Package Service, and they reach their destinations in the same amount of time, for 27 percent less. For us, that adds up to savings of $20,000 a year. The Pitney Bowes products we have are top notch.” – Minnesota Twins


“The new multi-component deployment within the EngageOne Communication Suite allows customers more flexibility, while at the same time reducing the maintenance effort,” said Adrie Vlutters, Senior Consultant, Document Dialog. “The scripted installation allows quick and easy adaptation to changing infrastructural landscapes. This adds to an already quite flexible communication generation environment.” – Document Dialog


“This is the future of marketing. Compelling digital content that gathers intelligence from the customer helps us create relevant campaigns that maximize customer engagement,” said María Alejandra Mora, Head of TRACK Colombia. “With the digital transformation of our marketing services, global brands will deploy relevant campaigns that deliver measurable results and ROI quickly. We look forward to leading the way with these customer engagement technologies from Pitney Bowes.” – TRACK


“The full stack, Groovy scripted installation within the EngageOne Communication Suite, is a major improvement,” said Paul Vogelaar, Architect, Delta Lloyd Group. “The convenience of being able to edit  a single properties file to configure an environment, saves substantial time. The ability to edit this properties file to change some parameters distinguishing between acceptance test and production environments, greatly improves the promotion process.” – Delta Lloyd Group


“Creativity and innovation are at the forefront of everything that Pitney Bowes does. Now more than ever, today’s high-performing organizations are focusing on productivity, decreasing expenses and increasing quality and value for their customers. With Pitney Bowes as a partner, we’ve achieved operational excellence, giving us a competitive advantage and enabling us to grow our business,” said Håkan Malmros, COO, Bring Citymail Sweden AB. – Bring Citymail


“Relia-Vote’s processing time is critical for us because we have a limited time frame between when our ballots can be printed and mailed out in compliance with state law,” said Craig Latimer, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections. “Pitney Bowes’ technology ensures that our voters get everything they need to vote and that every voter’s ballot is mailed out accurately and on time. As the first elections office in Florida to earn the Governor’s Sterling Award for performance excellence, this partnership enhances our ability to serve as a strong role model for other offices.” – Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections.


“Pitney Bowes has helped us create higher-value communications. We’ve significantly improved the ways we serve our customers by offering them more versatility and diversity in the types of projects we can do,” said Mallery Mele, CEO and President, Mele Printing. “And while our existing customers love the quality of the color output, it is also helping us be more competitive and win new business. The AcceleJet has positioned us a key player in the print and mail industry.” – Mele Printing


“Pitney Bowes’ software enables us to provide more information and a better experience for our taxpayers, while also offering them the highest quality of service,” explained Jennifer Wentworth, Associate Commissioner, Mississippi Department of Revenue. “We can now ensure all mail leaves our office and is delivered to USPS, providing transparency to taxpayers related to their correspondence all while saving money on postage costs. This project cost the state $320,000 to implement, but we have recouped those costs and will have an ongoing yearly savings of $180,000 on our postage expenditures. We are thrilled to receive the Brilliance Award and are excited for this project to be used as a model for government departments who want to provide the same level of service, engagement and savings to their constituents.” – Mississippi Department of Revenue


“Adore Beauty is already Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics and, this year, we sought to expand our footprint globally by partnering with Pitney Bowes. Through this partnership, we are able to offer thousands of our wonderful products to more than 150 countries and territories thanks to the technology, which offers a seamless localized experience to customers,” says Kate Morris, founder and CEO of Adore Beauty. – Adore Beauty


“It was exactly what we were looking for right at the opportune time,” said Kenny Shairrick, Statement Processing Manager of AVR, citing the AcceleJet’s high-quality color output, integrated finishing and dynamic perforation. “In the past, we’ve had requests for adding colorful marketing messages to statements. Because of the AcceleJet, we are now fully capable to create that, and our customers are excited to start sending direct mail pieces.” - AVR


“TSYS is invested in the future of payments and the role that transactional printing plays in an integrated physical and digital solution,” said Blake Barker, Group Executive, TSYS. “With the Pitney Bowes IntelliJet 20 Printing Systems, we aim to not only increase efficiency and improve the quality of our digital color printing, we also plan to consider new growth and cross-sell opportunities with our customers.” - TSYS


“Digital transformation for the Council meant driving cultural change internally and digital change externally, and both were significantly important in a mission to drive a community-first work culture right across the organisation. The Spectrum solution has allowed us to be more responsive to customer needs, and greater customer satisfaction is already evident’, said, Helen Morrissey, Brimbank City Council Director of Corporate and Community Relations. “Additionally, Brimbank City Council is now able to respond to government compliance mandates with trusted, high-quality data validated by the Spectrum Single Customer View solution.” – Brimbank City Council


“We’re excited to extend Rue La La to new markets. Providing phenomenal experiences while serving up great brands at amazing values is what Rue does so well in the United States. It’s thrilling to be able to share our brand and capabilities to a new audience,” said Mark McWeeny, CEO, Rue La La. – Rue La La


Paula Mitchell, General Manager, Ecommerce General Pants Co, said, “We are very excited to be able to showcase what makes us so well known in this market to the globe. Our exclusive product and brand mix that you can’t get anywhere else in the country will now be one click away from a whole new audience. With Pitney Bowes technologies, consumers can now easily cross-border shop the latest trends in Australian and international fashion with confidence.” – General Pants


”When we opened our doors six years ago, our goal was to become both a nationally and internationally recognized brand,” says Jean Seo, CEO and Founder of Evolue. “The amazing team at Pitney Bowes provides a straightforward and functional solution to the challenging world of international ecommerce. We’re thrilled to partner with them so that we can create experiences for our customers that make them feel beautiful no matter where they are.” - Evolue


“It’s our mission to provide customers access to the best and most beautiful furniture and home décor,” says Kathy Kuo, CEO and Founder of Kathy Kuo Home. “We’re excited to partner with Pitney Bowes to carry that mission beyond the US and help our global customers design the home of their dreams.” – Kathy Kuo Home


“Soludos was founded in New York City, however, our inspiration originates from the traditional rope soled espadrilles of Spain,” says Nick Brown, CEO and Founder of Soludos. We're inspired by the so many corners of the world and it's important for us to ship to our customers across the globe." - Soludos


“The Pitney Bowes Clarity Solutions Suite will improve our productivity by running diagnostic tests and preventing production issues before they occur,” said Paul Jorgensen, director of output services, HM Health Solutions, “With Clarity, we were able to identify a leak in a vacuum pump that our operator didn’t notice. This allowed us to fix the issue on our schedule, before it caused a complete system failure,” said Jorgensen. “We are able to push efficiency data from our systems to Pitney Bowes, who has a much better perspective of what the numbers are telling us. If they see deviation in our performance from industry benchmarks, then they’re able to take an even deeper look and help us fix issues before they become a crisis.” – HM Health Solutions


“We selected Pitney Bowes location intelligence technology to help us deliver the most accurate information to our users,” said David Beitel, Chief Technology Officer, Zillow Group. “Millions of people search for addresses on our websites and mobile apps every day. The cost of delivering incorrect data to consumers is high, as it can impact important decisions.” - Zillow


“With Pitney Bowes’s guaranteed, upfront calculation of international shipping costs along with ShipCenter’s LTL and U.S. domestic small parcel offering, Kickstarter creators can have control over their delivery expenditures before packages even leave their hands,” said Sean Lynch, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ShipCenter. “In addition, our solution provides Kickstarter creators with a single source for all of their international and domestic shipments.” - ShipCenter


According to Jeff Hazelwood, First Vice President, Solutions Manager with The Bancorp’s Institutional Banking team, “As an innovator in financial services and technology, we are excited to be working alongside the innovators at Pitney Bowes, who are helping us to deploy the EngageOne Video solution. The Bancorp endeavors to identify and integrate cutting-edge technology as a means of delivering truly superior client experience and we are confident that this tool will help us do just that.” - Bancorp

Paul Baxter, head of Direct, Geoffrey Insurance Services and Zenith Direct said, “As a company that has already received numerous accolades for our levels of customer service, we’re always looking at new ways to engage our customers and embracing new technologies to drive a greater service experience is a key part of this. We were hugely impressed with EngageOne Video. It will help us take customer engagement to a new level”. - Geoffrey Insurance Services

“We have found view times for the new videos are off the charts, meaning we engage with our audience for a significant amount of time,” said Andrew Zapotosky, director of digital marketing at Jackson. “Using the EngageOne Video, we connect with advisors to share information, promote our advantages and reinforce our brand value, as well as provide them with an interactive tool to educate their clients.”  - Jackson

WiseTech Global CEO Richard White said “Our customers benefit from further enhancements in geocoding and physical address validation which can assist customs compliance and reduce the risks and costs associated with undelivered shipments. We selected Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology for its precision in global address validation.” - WiseTech Global

“Previously, we provided a generic product tour on our website,” recalls Seth Hauben, Chief Marketing Officer, Wintac Software. “It was long and impersonal, and people would drop off quickly. We realized that if we could provide a tailored digital experience that talked to prospects in their own industry-specific language, we could engage visitors in more meaningful ways, which would ultimately drive an increase in sales. Pitney Bowes made it possible to deliver a high-impact digital experience tailored to each person.” - Wintac Software

“For a long time, we were looking for a way to enrich our safety-as-a-service platform with rich location capabilities, and were considering, at one point, to build out these capabilities on our own,” said Sharif Alexandre, CEO, at FABRIQ. “Instead, we came across the GEO911 APIs in Pitney Bowes’ developer portal and successfully shaved our time-to-market from months to weeks. We were able to integrate Pitney Bowes’ APIs easily into our platform, and if at any time we had to troubleshoot any problems, we knew that we could revisit the documentation and resources on the portal. We appreciated the simplicity, speed and ease of this process.” - FABRIQ

Feedback from beta test users confirms that the SendPro solution delivers convenience, simplicity and value:

  • “This is by far the most efficient and user-friendly shipping tool I have come across. I have used them all, and this is the best.” Jeremy Kershaw, Director of Shipping and Receiving at the United Kennel Club, the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world. - United Kennel Club

  • “This is so intuitive and much easier to use than I expected from a beta product.” Shannon Skubel, Vital Nutrients, a leading provider of supplements for the healthcare industry. - Vital Nutrients

“Spectrum has met and exceeded our expectations in the versatility and flexibility of how it continues to improve our cleanup and duplicate identification processes in an independent, streamlined way,” said Joel Gutiérrez Garcia, MapFRE Director General of Information Management. - MapFRE

“As a specialized engineering-driven organization, we have to be as efficient as possible, without losing the personal relationship with customers that we are best known for,” says Chris Teague, Director of Marketing, Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. “EngageOne Video allows us to uncover customers’ needs and efficiently maintain a strong relationship with a customer, while maintaining the interactivity of an onsite capabilities presentation.” - Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co.

“The modern consumer demands a highly personalized experience in any media they consume, and in order to influence their purchasing behaviour, the personalized video, tailored to the individual based off university data, was seen as a great option for USQ and aligned perfectly with the University’s brand." - Helen Nolan, Executive Director, Marketing and Student Attraction at the University of Southern Queensland