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The USPS and Pitney Bowes Together Reinvent Mail


‘Doing digital right doesn’t mean you need to become the next Amazon, Netflix or Google – or even the next Pitney Bowes, whose shift to digital has reinvented the company.” - PWC

“The world of commerce is changing every day. It’s all about speed and convenience, and businesses have to keep up,” said Daphne Carmeli, founder and CEO of Deliv. “We’re excited to partner with a leader like Pitney Bowes and make same day delivery available with the click of a button.”


"We are excited to partner with Pitney Bowes to bring the capabilities of Freddy, our Omnibot AI platform into their Sendpro C-series device. Freddy will be the first point of contact for customers to help resolve their issues faster through self-service as well be available for round-the-clock automated customer support," said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshworks.


“SendPro and Ordoro solve two different aspects of the same shipping and mailing problem,” said Jagath Narayan, co-founder and CEO of Ordoro. “We're excited to bring Ordoro's advanced ecommerce shipping capabilities to the thousands of businesses who already use the SendPro platform.”


“Pitney Bowes was almost a century old when, in 2016, it launched its Commerce Cloud: a modern platform that not only lets the company directly sell its software to customers but also allows the company to quickly update their offerings while minimizing impact to users. To support this effort, Pitney Bowes has had to adjust its operating model to enable continued funding and support for these software products. Today, thanks to its customer-focused approach, the company brings new software-as-a-service products to market up to four times faster than it did just a few years ago; can easily push new services to customers; and serves billions of transactions, built by hundreds of developers, that generate millions of dollars in revenue.” – John Rethans, head of the digital transformation strategy at Google Apigee


“I am thrilled that Salesforce is a key component of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, helping to deliver exceptional experiences for every part of the customer journey," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce. "It's amazing to see this iconic American enterprise transforming itself into a digital, 21st century company.” – Salesforce.com


“Apigee’s partnership with Pitney Bowes highlights our shared focus on powering today's digital economy through solutions like the Commerce Cloud,” says Chet Kapoor, CEO, Apigee. "We’re honored to have Pitney Bowes leverage the Apigee Edge API management software to help deliver data-powered services that can drive innovation and enable internal and external developers to build connected applications more quickly.” - Apigee

“Aria is proud to continue its trusted partnership with Pitney Bowes, providing our top-ranked billing and monetization service through the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud,” says Tom Dibble, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aria Systems. “Our cloud capabilities are empowering clients like Pitney Bowes to accelerate their time to market and provide frictionless billing that enables greater customer satisfaction on a global scale.” - Aria Systems

“Dun & Bradstreet is excited to partner with Pitney Bowes to help businesses grow,” says Bob Carrigan, Chief Executive Officer, Dun & Bradstreet. “Making our global business data available through the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud will empower businesses to glean actionable insights used to help drive global commerce in more innovative, meaningful ways.” - Dun & Bradstreet

“In the Digital Era, businesses are seeking solutions that allow them to quickly adapt to the ever-changing world of Commerce. Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud is designed specifically to address these business challenges in order to deliver increased productivity, operational efficiencies and more reliable services to its clients,” says Bill Ruh, CEO, GE Digital. “That’s why Pitney Bowes has chosen to work with GE to leverage our Predix platform, combining GE’s software and analytics capabilities with Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing solutions. Our collaboration is one that will drive Commerce into the future and positively impact the Industrial Internet.” - GE

“Savvy entrepreneurs build a great team around them to tap resources and capabilities to help grow their business. The Pitney Bowes / Microsoft combination is a big win for small and medium businesses to leverage SendPro to increase productivity and streamline overall shipping functions,” says Cindy Bates, Microsoft Vice President, Small and Midsized Business & Distribution. “We are delighted to team up with Pitney Bowes. This is the first in a series of innovative commerce applications to be deployed by Pitney Bowes on Microsoft platforms, including Windows 10 and Office 365.” - Microsoft

“We are excited to work together with Pitney Bowes to bring the SendPro Universal Windows app to more than 270M Windows 10 devices via the Windows Store,” said Kevin Gallo, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices. “Windows 10 users can now easily access SendPro to initiate, track and pay for their shipping from their desktop, tablet or mobile. Users will be able to use Cortana for voice activated shipping that seamlessly connects with their address and contact management programs, including Outlook, Gmail and LinkedIn. This is the first in a series of innovative commerce applications by Pitney Bowes on Microsoft Platforms.” - Microsoft

“Over the last decade solution-specific cloud platforms have proven themselves to be a market-winning strategy," says Dev Ittycheria, CEO and President at MongoDB. "As many companies move to a cloud model, they are increasingly choosing MongoDB as the backbone of their business. MongoDB is the only database to combine the best of relational technologies with the flexibility, scalability and always on global deployments that are required for today's modern platform. Pitney Bowes has leveraged MongoDB to create a cloud commerce platform that will expand what is possible for its customers and set the stage for the future of global commerce.” - MongoDB

“The cloud is enabling businesses to reinvent their most critical operations while increasing security and productivity for customers and partners. Okta uniquely offers a single platform for B2B and B2C websites, portals and cloud applications to securely manage and enable identity and access,” says Todd McKinnon, CEO and co-founder of Okta, “As Pitney Bowes revolutionizes their digital commerce platform to deliver a top quality experience to their customers, we’re delighted to partner to provide identity and device management for their cloud and IoT initiatives.” - Okta

“The Pitney Bowes Geospatial API delivers the high level of accuracy required for developers and clients to create the location-enhanced solutions that drive commerce today,” said David McCann, Vice President of AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Our AWS customers want to be able to find and immediately start using solutions like the Pitney Bowes Geospatial API to speed their innovation around data analytics, and our new SAAS Subscriptions API on AWS Marketplace enables businesses to deploy Pitney Bowes solutions more easily than ever, and pay for their services on a unified AWS bill.” – Amazon Web Services, Inc.


“Working with Pitney Bowes allows us to deliver location-based and data quality solutions to our clients,” says Tom Pinckney, Head of Business Development at Cloudera. “Together, we will be able to digitally deliver change agents to our clients that will ultimately improve overall compliance, reduce operational costs, enhance customer intimacy, and secure competitive advantage in the market.” - Cloudera


“In today’s competitive global environment, retailers need every measure of help they can get in driving top-line growth and running their day-to-day operations. Cross-border revenue streams driven by effective digital marketing solutions can help alleviate some of that pressure, but it is often difficult to put the right people and processes in place to get that started. Our relationship with Pitney Bowes makes all of that easier for retailers. With Pitney Bowes, we will offer retailers scalable, global digital marketing solutions that meet consumers where they are and guide them to a superior global ecommerce experience.” said Luke Judge, CEO of NMPi. - NMPi


“Digital transformation is disruptive to the point of making organizations obsolete. To remain relevant in today’s evolving landscape, companies that weren’t born digital have no other option but to embrace digital, and start leveraging it as part of their business strategy,” says Mike Chadwick, Head of Business Development, PointSource. “An organization’s success comes down to two things: personalization and context. Our partnership with Pitney Bowes provides organizations with technology solutions that can deliver context through proprietary data to engage and communicate better through personalized offers and messaging.” - PointSource


“We are very excited to form a strategic partnership with Pitney Bowes,” said David Potts, SalesWarp’s CEO and Founder. “Together, we can define exciting new opportunities for our customers. With SalesWarp’s powerful order management capabilities, combined with Pitney Bowes’ global shipping technology, retailers can now meet changing customer demands in a timely and cost-effective way.” - SalesWarp


“The Pitney Bowes Enterprise Location Intelligence platform, Spectrum® Spatial, and data sets are perfect complements to our IntelliPayer solution for healthcare payers,” said Sam Biswal, CEO of Scalable Systems. “Combining real-time data, predictive analytics and big data insights with our modeling technique will provide the information required for effective interaction with today’s insurance members.” – Scalable Systems


“This is the future of marketing. Compelling digital content that gathers intelligence from the customer helps us create relevant campaigns that maximize customer engagement,” said María Alejandra Mora, Head of TRACK Colombia. “With the digital transformation of our marketing services, global brands will deploy relevant campaigns that deliver measurable results quickly and ROI. We look forward to leading the way with these customer engagement technologies from Pitney Bowes.” – TRACK Colombia


“Retailers are working hard to increase wallet share and repeat customers to drive bottom line results. Linc is powering post-sale experiences that nurture customer loyalty and place brands on the channels customers prefer,” said Fang Cheng, CEO, Linc Global. “The stronger the relationship, the better the outcome. This is the philosophy we bring to our retail customers and to our partners. We’re very pleased to deliver improvements in returns, exchanges and customer satisfaction using Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs and technology." – Linc Global


“As a retailer that has sold over 28 million bags online, we recognize that the path to a global journey can take many forms,” said Peter Cobb, co-found, eBags. “Partnering with Pitney Bowes to reach the Chinese consumer helped build our presence in this market over the 2016 holiday season and we are looking forward to reaching even more consumers in 2017.” - eBags


“Pitney Bowes Software Solutions provide a great complement to our analytics offerings, and enrich our models for predictive analytics and machine learning for customer analytics problems that we are trying to tackle,” said Supreet Singh, EVP Pegasus Knowledge Solutions. “The expansive data sets allow us to consider new applications as we innovate new client use cases and solutions.” – Pegasus Knowledge Solutions


“We see great potential to drive machine learning and AI capabilities leveraging the detailed industry data sets from Pitney Bowes,” said Timothy Kreytak, Chief Executive Officer at Ironside Group. “Our data science practice is built on helping clients to organize, enrich, report and predict outcomes with data. We are committed to helping customers make better business decisions, and Pitney Bowes supports us to do just that.” – Ironside Group


“Our new EOV industry templates provide clients with the ability to experiment with interactive video in the span of a few weeks. We know that depending on the application, other clients will still prefer the fully functional, customized version of EOV,” said Erika Trautman, CEO and Founder of Rapt Media. “With the new video templates, EOV clients can quickly deploy their video and learn from it before investing in the customized version of EOV which has a longer implementation cycle. The new EOV template applications include a personalized walk-through of a new checking and credit card account, an explanation of auto insurance setup and options, and education on billing charges.” – Rapt Media


“Ecommerce is growing exponentially in India, driving innovation in parcel shipping technologies. The Pitney Bowes TrueSort integrates seamlessly into our system, enabling us to sort packages faster and more efficiently. It is a win-win. The solution is helping Gati bring efficiency into its fulfillment operation,” said Dhruv Agarwal, Chief Strategy Officer, Gati Limited. – Gati Limited


“Hortonworks is dedicated to expanding and empowering the modern data solution ecosystem, which ultimately accelerates adoption of connected data platforms,” says Chris Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Global Channels & Alliances, Hortonworks. “We are pleased to welcome Pitney Bowes to the Partnerworks community and look forward to working with them to strengthen the role of connected data platforms for the enterprise.” - Hortonworks


 “Being selected by Pitney Bowes reaffirms that TomTom is the industry standard for global maps and location data used in enterprise-grade GIS applications,” says Anders Truelsen, Managing Director of TomTom’s Licensing Business Unit. “We are extremely proud to partner with Pitney Bowes and support them as they harness the full potential of our mapping services and data: including road networks, address points, postal codes, administrative boundaries and, with this latest agreement, additional data-driven insights from TomTom’s best-in-class Traffic services.” - TomTom


Vincent Raineri, Senior Vice President of RCG Global Services stated, “Our architects appreciate the benefits of working with Pitney Bowes tools that are certified with major Hadoop distributions. Our customers appreciate the benefits of lower costs and higher productivity in their fight against financial fraud.” He added, “Our combined solution enables banks to drive down the costs of regulatory compliance while simultaneously increasing their capacity to manage their financial crimes obligations through a simple find, link and visualize approach.” – RCG Global Services


 “When you deliver information in a highly engaging way, customers will watch – and keep watching – as long as the content is relevant and they’re in control,” said Steven Glaser, ICC’s CEO.

“With seamless integration of information across channels and devices, customers can easily connect with a company how and when they want,” says Don Jackson, COO of ICC. - ICC


“Working with Pitney Bowes, we will be able to unlock insights tied to location and geographies, which has applicability across a wide range of use cases and industries. Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics customers will be able to leverage these integrated capabilities without special geospatial skills, bringing geospatial analytics to business analysts and executives,” said Marc Altshuller, General Manager of Business Analytics, IBM. - IBM


“We are excited to join forces with Pitney Bowes to implement innovative data management solutions for our clients,” said David Doucette, President of the Analytics Division of Lighthouse. “The sophisticated geocoding and reverse-geocoding technologies, in particular, will enable us to innovate entirely new use cases and solutions. We look forward to building influence with these new location-based capabilities.” - Lighthouse


“SmartLink is a smart, real-world IoT use case, capturing transformational business data and helping business customers avoid down-time – all while maintaining network, data, device and application security at high levels,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO of Electric Imp. “Partnering with the experts at Pitney Bowes has been a great experience, and shows how our flexible platform can seamlessly integrate at scale with existing machines in the field. The result is a secure, cost-effective, real-time connection to next generation cloud services that improve Pitney Bowes’ customer experiences and provide insights to improve operations and future products for years to come.” – Electric Imp


“Ordoro is all about taking the manual, tedious task of managing shipping and inventory, and optimizing the process for ecommerce merchants of all sizes,” said Jagath Narayan, Chief Executive Officer at Ordoro. “We partnered with Pitney Bowes because they're a proven provider of efficient, commerce-centric solutions that our clients demand.” - Ordoro


“We see a lot of great synergies between the innovative technology that Pitney Bowes is introducing and our expertise and capabilities of implementing in-demand marketplace solutions,” said Stan Duda of Alpine Consulting. “It is important to offer clients an innovative option – technology that provides greater understanding and visibility into customers and their potential risk exposure to minimize compliance infractions, while at the same time, opening doors to greater revenue potential.” – Alpine Consulting

WiseTech Global CEO Richard White said “Our customers benefit from further enhancements in geocoding and physical address validation which can assist customs compliance and reduce the risks and costs associated with undelivered shipments. We selected Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology for its precision in global address validation.” – WiseTech Global


Zipform Digital’s General Manager, Richard Vaughan, said, “Implementing digital technologies is no longer just for improving business strategies, it is now an essential tool in driving innovative changes to an organisation’s customer experience. The Pitney Bowes EngageOne solution delivers personalized, targeted information through proprietary data, and is helping us enable our clients in their digital transformation journeys.”– Zipform Digital