Enabling Java Using Google Chrome

Please note: You must have administrative rights to your computer to perform these steps.  You may have to contact your System Administrator to install/update Java run time software.

Step 1
Select Settings from the Options menu. The Options menu is the symbol with three lines on the upper right of the page.

Step 1 Google Chrome

Step 2
From the Settings screen scroll to the bottom and click the Show advanced settings… link.

Step 2 Google Chrome

Step 3
From the advanced settings in the Privacy section, click the Content settings... button.

Step 3 Google Chrome

Step 4
In the Content settings screen scroll down to the Plug-ins section and click the Disable individual plug-ins… link.

Step 4 Google Chrome

Step 5
In the Plug-ins screen scroll down to the Java item and click the Enable link.

  • If you cannot find this entry then go to Step 8.
  • If the Enable link is not active or the add-on remains disabled then go to Step 8.

Step 5 Google Chrome

Step 6
Close Google Chrome.

Step 7 (Final)
Start Google Chrome and resume using pbSmartPostage to print shipping labels and stamps.

Step 8 (Problem with Enabling)
Sometimes the plugin enabling process does not work.  In this case you will have to reinstall the Java software.  Click here to download and install Java.


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