Enabling Java Using Internet Explorer

Step 1
Select the Safari drop down menu and select Preferences...

Step 1 Apple Safari

Step 2
Select the Security tab.

Step 2 Apple Safari

Step 3
Check the Allow Java option and then click Manage Website Settings. If the Allow Java option remains not active or is not present, then go to Step 7.

Step 3 Apple Safari

Step 4
If isend.pb.com appears in the list make sure it is set to Allow. If you cannot find this entry, then go to Step 7.

Step 4 Apple Safari

Step 5
Close Safari.

Step 6 (Final)
Start Safari and resume using pbSmartPostage to print shipping labels and stamps.

Step 7 (Problem with Enabling)
Sometimes the plugin enabling process does not work.  In this case you will have to reinstall the Java software.  Click here to download and install Java.

Enabling Java Using Internet Explorer

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Enabling Java Using Apple Safari