We are members of four organizations that support the Corporate Social Responsibility field. Each has its own unique offerings and perspectives; together, they help us to improve the work we do and advance the impact we can make on our communities.

CECP: Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy brings together CEOs and top leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility to transform companies’ social strategy, which CECP believes is critical to corporate success. We use our CECP membership to refine our strategy, benchmark with other companies, network with industry leaders, share best practices, and ultimately better serve our communities.

ACCP: Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals

The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals brings together companies and foundations focused on designing and implementing effective corporate citizenship programs. ACCP provides tools and training that help members navigate the corporate citizenship field and make their work more efficient and effective.  

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship helps companies maximize business and social value from environmental, social, and governance investments. As members of the Center, we have access to education, research, and information to help build and strengthen our citizenship programs.

Council on Foundations

The Council on Foundations provides an abundance of resources to further inform and improve the work of private and corporate foundations. COF offers unique opportunities for effective governance and professional networking among fellow foundation leaders in our efforts to improve the common good.