We believe strongly in a high-performing, client-oriented culture of innovation, learning and engagement. Our employees’ commitment, passion and energy drive innovation, collaboration and client value—which drive our growth and financial success.

Highly engaged employees are crucial to our company’s success. Engaged employees have a strong focus on clients, radiate optimism and regularly achieve or exceed their objectives. They also have lower absenteeism, suffer fewer injuries and are less likely to change employers than others. Pitney Bowes seeks to engage, enable and energize employees through challenging work assignments, training, and career development opportunities that promote personal and professional growth. We solicit feedback, encourage dialogue and measure engagement through formal and informal mechanisms.

One of our most important measuring tools is our annual multi-language global employee survey. The survey explores sustainable engagement drivers such as client focus, diversity, growth and development, innovation, manager effectiveness, teamwork and communication. For the third year in a row, global participation in the survey achieved the industry recognized high performance participation rate.  In 2017, 88% of employees responded to the engagement survey and provided feedback on a wide array of factors including client focus, manager effectiveness, communication, empowerment, growth & development.

To promote internal dialogue and employee engagement, we use a variety of channels. Special focus is on leaders and managers as communicators and culture cultivators.  . In their role, they are supported by improved communications channels to make interactions easier and more productive, whether through an upgraded intranet site, video conferencing tools, or our Yammer social platform. Last year our efforts led to a 55.3% increase in intranet page views and an 11.2% increase in monthly average users.   

We also introduced a renewed focus on looking inside first for talent as part of our commitment to greater internal mobility. We created a new internal resource webpage to help employees pursue internal opportunities, as well as provide access to learning curriculums and tools aimed at career development and management.  We also hired a dedicated team of Internal Mobility Talent Advisors to help us gain more insight into our internal talent pool while connecting employees with career-enhancing job opportunities around the organization.


We focus on hiring talented people, nurturing their growth, and providing opportunities for them to make a real impact for themselves, for our clients and for Pitney Bowes. We see employee development as a partnership between individual employees and their manager, aided by strong support from our Human Resources organization.

The Learning & Development organization provides support for professional development, including offerings that improve and promote career mobility and employability. In addition, we provide programs to improve role-based proficiency and leadership competency. These programs are delivered in a variety of formats, including leading-edge virtual/mobile offerings that are available to all employees. The Talent Development organization provides a set of tools to enable individual development planning and track progress against identified development goals.

Over the last several years we have developed and implemented a comprehensive offering of core leadership development programs in keeping with our strategic transformation as a globally integrated company. The elements include:

Leadership Essentials for Managers. This core leadership program is available to leaders who are newly hired or newly promoted to frontline manager positions. The program is also open to frontline managers who have not completed a leadership development program since acquiring their position. In addition to being offered as a standalone program, Leadership Essentials for Managers serves as a prerequisite to role-specific leadership programs for client-facing groups such as Sales, Client Operations and Global Service.

Lead Locally, Engage Globally.  Building a sense of community, collaboration and vitality at our work sites is a critical component of sustaining our culture and values. This program, launched in May 2017, identified senior leaders to serve as site leaders in facilities with 50 or more employees. These leaders engaged teams to sponsor initiatives in their communities, develop site-wide communication strategies and gain a deeper understanding of the talent at their sites.

Leading a High-Performance Organization. This Vice President-level program is focused on strategy, culture, ethics and leading transformational change throughout the organization. As of October 2017 all Vice Presidents had completed this program, with a successor program planned for 2018.

Identifying and investing in high-potential talent for the future helps to accelerate business results and ensure a strong pipeline at all levels of the organization. Two current programs address this need at the individual contributor and frontline manager levels:

  • The Early in Career (EiC) program is an 18-month global development initiative that accelerates the professional and personal growth of employees with 10 or fewer years of professional experience as identified through our Strategic Talent Review process. Program participants are mentored by senior executives, receive group coaching and attend professional development seminars. As a capstone, they are assigned to work on visible challenges and opportunities developed by executive sponsors. The fourth cohort of program participants graduated in the fall of 2017 and have since been deployed across the organization.
  • SPRINT is a six-month development initiative for individuals at the non-exempt and entry-level exempt levels of the organization. Launched in the SMB business unit in April 2017, SPRINT is designed to educate employees on topics such as development planning and the skills and capabilities required for frontline managers, while providing interactive access to leaders at multiple levels of the organization. In 2018 we are extending SPRINT to all Pitney Bowes business units.