Health and wellness

Providing a healthy work environment has been central to our culture at Pitney Bowes for nearly 100 years. In maintaining our commitment, we offer a wide range of programs to more than 14,000 employees worldwide.

Comprehensive benefits and wellness programs

Our Project: Living website serves as the gateway to resources and programs to help employees live healthy lives at work and at home. With its “Plan for tomorrow, live for today” theme, the website is where we engage and connect with our employees – whether they are working in an office, or remotely – on everything related to physical, emotional and financial well-being. Employees can find information and events on topics ranging from health and wellness to benefits, financial planning and assistance with major life events.

To help our workforce stay proactive with their health, free programs are available throughout the year focused on:

  • Preventive care and cancer screenings
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Fitness
  • Stress management and behavioral health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Back pain prevention
  • Flu vaccinations

For over a decade, employees from around the world have been uniting for our “One-in-a-Million” one-day walking event, which serves as the kick-off to our annual employee health and fitness month while demonstrating the importance of daily physical activity. Last year, we walked a collective 45 million steps spanning 82 locations across 15 countries. Initiatives such as this have earned Pitney Bowes recognition from organizations such as the National Business Group on Health® and the American Heart Association.

Empowering health care consumers

In addition to providing high-quality affordable care to more than 10,000 U.S employees, we structure our benefit offerings to make access to care as convenient as possible. Five onsite medical clinics provide care to a significant portion of our workforce. Employees can obtain cancer screenings for breast or skin, biometric screenings with health coaching, vision and hearing tests, smoking cessation and other services through the clinics. The Pitney Bowes medical staff is also available through the Amwell telehealth service, which helps serve sites without access to an onsite clinic.

We regularly conduct onsite workshops and webinars on topics including, sleep disorders, addiction, mental health, parenting, elder care and more. Employees and family members also have 24-hour access to a network of board-certified physicians and providers online through Amwell. And our Project: Living website offers employees easy access to resources and information that help them make informed and cost-efficient decisions when seeking care.

Tackling the rising rates of chronic conditions and obesity

To help mitigate the rising cost of health care in the U.S., we aspire to motivate employees to take control of their own health and share accountability in making positive lifestyle choices. We offer programs like Healthy Rewards where employees and covered spouses or domestic partners can earn incentives for achieving individual health goals. In 2017, we collaborated with Fitbit to inspire employees to move more and increase their daily physical activity, which aids in the fight against chronic health conditions and obesity. We also offer a behavioral health component to help participants reduce stress, increase mindfulness and achieve emotional well-being.

Taking the stigma out of mental illness

Recognizing that stress management and mental health are essential to overall well-being, we expanded the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in 2017 to include countries outside North America. Through our EAP, employees have access to no-cost counseling and other work/life resources.

Guidance and support for those affected by cancer

In partnership with Johns Hopkins, we introduced Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work over 2 years ago, which offers a dedicated oncology nurse navigator who provides personalized, compassionate guidance and education to those affected by cancer, whether directly or as a caregiver. The program also offers assistance to managers in dealing with the impact cancer can have on the workplace.

Innovating the future of health care

As a founding member of the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), we have joined 40 like-minded companies, representing six million employees, to address health care issues in the U.S. Since joining the HTA, we are gaining actionable insights derived from analyzing the HTA aggregated data; we have identified and launched network solutions comprising high-value providers; and we have partnered with CVS Health to offer cost-effective prescription drug coverage. We will continue to focus on innovative solutions that reduce health care costs while creating a highly personalized and efficient experience for our employees.