A Letter from Marc B. Lautenbach
President & Chief Executive Officer

Five years ago, shortly after I joined Pitney Bowes as CEO, I sat down with three of my predecessors to gain their perspectives on what makes this company so special. They all agreed on one thing: that the company’s remarkable long-term success is the direct result of its culture of innovation, inclusion and community involvement, and the caliber of people its culture attracts.

Five years is just a fraction of the near-century Pitney Bowes has been in business; however, it’s enough time to have proved the wisdom of this advice—and the power of these values—to propel our reinvention into a 21st-century digital company This Corporate Responsibility Report offers numerous markers of our progress to date along the way. It shows that despite far-reaching changes in our business model, we are still the same Pitney Bowes in our commitment to act responsibly and “do the right thing, the right way” in communities around the world. At the same time, it points the way to further steps along the distinctive path we have pursued.

Throughout the decades, we have enhanced the lives of all our stakeholders, from clients and employees to the communities where we operate and the environment we all share. Today, as a technology company focused on global commerce, we continue to build on that tradition through the combined energies of our 14,000 talented and dedicated people. In everything from our longstanding record of diversity and inclusion to our innovative health, safety and wellness programs, the steady shrinking of our carbon footprint through resource conservation and recovery, and our groundbreaking ecommerce solutions, living our values every day makes us a better company and a more powerful resource for our clients.

Numerous industry observers have noted our success, including, among many others, Forbes (“America’s Best Large Employers”), The Economic Times (“India’s Best Companies to Work For”), DiversityInc (“Top 50 Companies for Diversity”), the Drucker Institute (“Top 250 Most Effectively Managed Companies”), and the American Heart Association (“Fit-Friendly Worksite Gold Award”). Such recognitions reinforce our efforts by confirming that we are on the right track. But a far greater force is the attitudes and actions of our own employees around the world, both on the job and through their extensive personal volunteerism.

This past year our global volunteer program, Dedication to Education, spanned 75 projects, bringing innovative programming to classrooms and community organizations in 30 locations in seven countries. All told, our philanthropy programs reached 187,000 students and provided 4.3 million hours of enrichment, from early literacy to STEM education, entrepreneurial training and mentoring. Our employees’ commitment to community service resulted in 59,000 hours of volunteerism. And their individual charitable donations, matched by the Pitney Bowes Foundation, yielded $2.7 million in direct financial support for more than 1,800 organizations.

This work is far from incidental to our business. It is an integral part of who we are and how we choose to operate. In 2020 Pitney Bowes will celebrate its 100th year with our eyes firmly fixed on a future of continued purposeful innovation and service. I have no doubt that our culture and heritage will give us an immense competitive advantage as we explore the next generation of opportunities. And I’m grateful to everyone in our organization who’s worked so hard to make it possible.


President and Chief Executive Officer