Working with clients

A Better Client Experience

In 2014, we launched a comprehensive program to integrate all of our company’s back office systems and processes into a single, standard solution to create a consistent, compelling client experience around the world. The project had two broad goals: maximize the delivery of value, and optimize clients’ experience of Pitney Bowes.

To make this happen, we created a new enterprise business platform spanning the full range of client-facing functions, from initial sales order through fulfillment, delivery, billing, payment, support and service. Since spring 2017, the system has been fully operational in our North American markets. We expect to bring it to all our remaining markets in 2019.

The solution is built on five core platforms designed to deliver enhanced experiences across the entire cycle of a client’s relationship with Pitney Bowes:

  • More efficient order entry and order management enable clients to receive goods and services faster and more reliably.
  • Online account management capabilities and a redesigned website enable fast, easy self-service to view and pay bills, check status on service requests, and access a robust knowledge management database.
  • The same case management system serves as the platform for all client-facing employees, ensuring consistent, up-to-date information and better cross-functional communications across all touchpoints.

From initial order through a lifetime of support and service, the new system promises to give clients a consistent, satisfying experience with Pitney Bowes in keeping with our brand and business strategy.