Track manage and pay for mail house postage through one pre-paid account.

Now you can simplify direct mail. With a Pitney Bowes® Permit Reserve account you can eliminate the run-around and authorize postage transfers right from your desktop-no matter how many mailings permits or mail houses you manage. Manage and pay for multiple mailings through a single account that offers consolidated reporting and money-saving rewards.

Manage all your postage in one place automatically. Allocate funds and monitor accounts right from your desktop. You can track balances and expenses for each mail house and every permit-whether you mail from one site or several.

Gain the visibility needed to run your business. A dynamic online system consolidates your postage accounts into one easy-to-read report. You can view sort and download details going back a full 18 months.

Mail on time. Avoid the typical check-writing hassles. Safeguards including overdraft protection can help you avoid running low on postage.
Earn free postage too. Deposit funds into an FDIC-insured account by check wire transfer or ACH. In between mailings you'll earn interest in the form of postage credits which adds to your savings.

It's easy to enroll. Just complete the Postage by Phone® Reserve Account Update Form and fax it to Andy Sacco at 203-617-6597.

Get started today.
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