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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced price changes for First-Class Mail® Parcels (FCM Parcels) effective September 3, 2017.

Though rates have increased, you'll find ways to save on Mailing and Shipping.

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September Rate Change

The U.S. Postal Service announced that it will increase its rates on First-Class Mail® Parcels (FCM Parcels) by a weighted average of 9.9 percent, effective September 3, 2017.

The Postal Regulatory Commission’s approved the reclassification of First-Class Mail Parcels as retail prices for First-Class™ Package Services (FCPS). FCPS allows you to ship light packages weighing under 16 ounces. Prices within the new Retail category are available for items weighing not over 13 ounces and will range between 14 percent and 31 percent higher than Commercial prices. Note: Signature Confirmation has always been available for FCM Parcels and will continue to be an option. 

FCM Parcel Max Weight (in oz)

Old Price

New Price, as of 9/3/17

FCPS Weight not over (in oz)

FCPS Commercial Price


















































































The following pricing information took effect January 22, 2017. 

Read our 2017 Rates Guide and read our FAQs on the Postal Rate change. 

Changes to First-Class Mail®:

  • First-Class Mail® Letters up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.47 to $0.49
  • First-Class Metered Mail: price decrease from $0.465 to $0.46. Metered mail discount is now 3 cents when compared to stamped letters.
  • First-Class Mail® Flats up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.94 to $0.98
  • First-Class Mail® Parcels (Retail): pay one price up to 4 ounces: $2.67
  • There are also increases for Media Mail, Library Mail, Certificate of Mailing, Return Receipt and Signature Confirmation™.

Changes to Presorted mail:

  • Presorted First-Class Mail Letters/Postcards: There’s an overall average price decrease of 0.25 percent, although many presort prices are increasing.
  • Mailers that presort their First-Class Mail will be able to send up to 3.5 ounce letters for the same price as a 1-ounce letter (previously same price up to 2 ounce.)
  • 3-Digit and AADC workshare categories combined for First-Class Mail Presorted Automation Letters and Postcards, and for USPS Marketing Mail® (previously Standard Mail) Automation Letters.

Additional Service Changes:

  • Standard Mail is now rebranded as USPS Marketing Mail®.
  • “Alternate Postage” will now be “Share Mail”, and how it’s priced is being simplified.

Select rates for First-Class Mail®



New Prices


Single-piece Letter – First ounce



Single-piece Metered – First ounce



Single-piece Flat – First ounce



Each additional ounce (letters and flats)



Parcels - Retail 

$2.62 (up to 3 oz.)

$2.67 (now up to 4 oz.)

Each additional ounce after 4 oz. (parcels)






Presorted letter – (now same price up to 3.5 oz.)



Surcharge for non-machinable letters



Presorted flat - First ounce



Each additional ounce (presorted flats)



Automation letters & Postcards - 5-digit - First ounce



Automation flat - 5-digit - First ounce



Surcharge for non-machinable letters




Select rates for USPS Marketing Mail® (previously Standard Mail®)


Letter 3.5 ounces or less – AADC (Non-automation) 




Flat 4 ounces or less – ADC (Non-automation)





Select rates for Other Services


Certified Mail




Media Mail® – 1 lb. Single-Piece




Library Mail – 1 lb. Single-Piece




Return receipt - retail




Return receipt - electronic 





For more information on prices, visit


Ways to save:

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Make the most out of every piece sent. The change allows one price for First-Class Commercial Letters up to 3.5 ounces instead of the previous 2 ounces, which means you can put more promotional inserts into your bills and statements without paying additional postage.

Maximize your postal discounts with Pitney Bowes Presort Services. Pitney Bowes Presort Services helps maximize postal discounts and induct mail closer to its final destination, generating deeper postal discounts and enhanced delivery time. Learn more about First-Class Mail® Presort. Learn more about Direct Mail Presort Solutions for USPS Marketing Mail® (previously Standard Mail).


The following new pricing takes effect January 22, 2017. Read our FAQs on the Postal Rate change.

January USPS rate changes affect domestic shipping services including Priority Mail Express® (PME), Priority Mail® and Parcel Select, as well as for some international shipping services. The new prices reflect an average 3.9 percent increase across all shipping services.

Priority Mail Express®

The current price structure for Priority Mail Express will be maintained, with Commercial Base and Commercial Plus prices set equal to each other. Overall, PME prices are increasing 3.4 percent. Retail prices will go up by an average of 3.7 percent, Commercial Plus 2.3 percent and Commercial Base 2.4 percent. The Commercial Base price will be a flat discount of 11.2 percent off retail prices.

  • PME prices are increasing 3.4 percent
  • Retail prices will go up by an average of 3.7 percent
  • Commercial Plus 2.3 percent
  • Commercial Base 2.4 percent
  • Commercial Base price will be a flat discount of 11.2 percent off retail prices

Priority Mail®

Like Priority Mail Express, the existing pricing structure for Priority Mail (PM) will remain constant as prices increase. Overall, PM prices are increasing 3.9 percent. Retail prices increase an average of 3.3 percent. Retail Flat Rate prices increase as follows:

  • Flat Rate Envelope: $6.45 to $6.65
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope: $6.45 to $6.95
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $6.80 to $7.20
  • Small Flat Rate Boxes: $6.80 to $7.15
  • Medium Flat Rate Boxes: $13.45 to $13.60
  • Large Flat Rate Boxes: $18.75 to $18.85
  • Commercial Base prices will increase 4.1 percent. This will reflect an average 11.2 percent discount off retail. 
  • Commercial Plus prices will increase 4.5 percent, an average 16.8 percent discount off retail.

Parcel Select

USPS Parcel Select services see average price increases as follows:

  • Destination-entered non-Lightweight Parcel Select: 4.9 percent
  • Parcel Select Lightweight: 8 percent
  • Parcel Select Ground: 2.7 percent

Other Domestic Rate Changes of note:

  • Parcel Return Services: 5.5 percent price increase
  • First-Class™ Package Services: 4.1 percent price increase
  • Retail Ground™: 3.8 percent price increase
  • Premium Forwarding Service®: 3.8 percent price increase
  • Reduce the number of price tiers for Saturation and Carrier Route Parcels (Simple Samples) within Standard Mail.
  • Remove the permit fees for mailing parcels, and receiving parcel returns.
  • Remove the account maintenance fees for Merchandise Return Service and Parcel Return Service.
  • Eliminate the permit fees for Qualified Business Reply Mail.
  • Eliminate First-Class Package Service as a product available with Registered Mail because First-Class Package Service is not sealed against inspection.

International Changes

  • Global Express Guaranteed® prices increased across all weights and zones, for a 4.9 percent overall price uptick.
  • Prices for some international services like Priority Mail Express International® (PMEI) remain unchanged, but there is a noteworthy classification change for PMEI. Weight-rated items tendered at retail counters may be offered at prices equivalent to Priority Mail International® for certain destinations and weight steps.

Shipping Retail and Commercial Prices - Business mailers who ship Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express® or First-Class™ Package Service may be eligible for discounts off of the retail rates.

Commercial Base pricing - This option lets you save on retail rates. There are no volume requirements (other than normal permit imprint or presort requirements, if applicable). Eligibility is based primarily on how you prepare your shipments. Pitney Bowes offers many solutions that will help you qualify, including:

Please refer to the Domestic Mail Manual for specific requirements. To find out if your current Pitney Bowes solution will enable you to qualify for Commercial Base Pricing, please contact us.

Commercial Plus pricing is available to Priority Mail® customers who qualify for Commercial Base pricing and:

  • have a cumulative account volume that exceeds a combined total of 5,000 letter-size & flat-size pieces (including Flat Rate Envelopes, but not the Padded Flat Rate Envelope) or 50,000 total pieces in the previous calendar year (except Priority Mail Open and Distribute) 
  • and who have a customer commitment agreement.

Select rates effective 01/22/2017

Priority Mail®


Commercial Base 

 Commercial Plus

Flat-rate envelope 




Legal flat-rate envelope




Padded flat-rate envelope




Small flat-rate box




Medium flat-rate box




Large flat-rate box




APO/FPO/DPO large flat-rate box





Priority Mail Express™ 


Commercial Base 

Commercial Plus

Flat Rate Envelope*




Legal Flat Rate Envelope




Padded Flat Rate Envelope $24.45 $21.64 $21.64


*Flat Rate Envelope, Legal Flat Rate Envelope, and Padded Flat Rate Envelope pricing for zone 1 & 2 is the same for .5 up to 2lbs.


First-Class Mail® Package Services

Expiring Prices

New Prices 1/22/16

Commercial Parcels

$2.60 (up to 8 oz.)

$2.61 (up to 4 oz.)

$2.77 (5 oz. to 8 oz.)

Ways to save

Save by using USPS-compliant shipping solutions such as SendPro® Online, SendPro® 300, SendPro® P series and SendSuite® Live when sending large envelopes and package classes (Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, and other package services). These solutions give you access to USPS savings such as 27% on a 5 lb. package sent locally via Priority Mail (between Zones 1 and 2).

Track package deliveries with USPS by using barcoded label on large envelopes and packages. Use a pre-printed barcode label or print a shipping label with the recipient address. The full label qualifies you for Postal discounts in addition to free tracking.


Save money when sending packages.

What is the IMpb?

The Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb) is a barcode format that includes information about your specific shipment. These details enable the USPS to track packages from pick-up to delivery, including up to 11 interim scans. The USPS uses this data to expedite package delivery and reduce costs.

What’s in it for me?

  • Qualify for Commercial Base Pricing (CBP), which could mean big savings on postage.
  • Get free insurance: $50 on Priority Mail or $100 on Priority Mail Express, all without going the Post Office.
  • Access reliable, end-to-end tracking information for you and your customers.

How can I get started?

Pitney Bowes offers software and web-based services that prepare labels, handle the USPS reports and electronic files, and make it easy for you and your customers to track shipments. Learn more with our IMpb Quick Summary.

Talk to your Pitney Bowes Consultant today and hear how proven solutions like pbSmartPostage™SendSuite Live or the new Connect+ with Ship a Package can help you save time and money.

Not a frequent shipper?

If you use USPS package services less frequently, you can use pre-printed barcode tracking labels (Label 400). Simply apply this pre-printed label and pay standard retail rates. 

  • You can benefit from detailed delivery tracking at no added cost.
  • Plus, if you bring your parcels to a USPS retail counter, you can also request free insurance on these items.
  • You will not receive the postage discount.

Order the pre-printed tracking labels for the cost of shipping and handling at our supplies store or pick them up at your local Post Office.

Need more information? 

Pitney Bowes and the USPS offer a host of resources:

2017 Promotions:

Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Mailpiece Engagement

The tactile, sensory and interactive mailpiece engagement  promotion encourages mailers to enhance customer engagement with the mail through the use of advanced print innovations in paper and stock, substrates, inks and finishing techniques. Standard mail that meets the requirements will be eligible for an upfront 2% postage discount during the promotional period.

See how much you can save by taking advantage of the Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Mailpiece Engagement Promotion between February 1 and July 31, 2017. Register now to qualify.

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Direct Mail Starter Promotion

Growing your business just became less challenging thanks to a USPS promotion. Integrating mail with mobile technology. This new USPS promotion incentivizes smaller businesses to start using direct mail as a marketing channel. The Postal Service says it is “aware that complex participation requirements can create barriers for many small business mailers that would otherwise respond to promotional incentives by maintaining or growing their direct mail volume.” Requirements-abiding Standard Mail will be eligible for a 5% postage discount up front.

Start taking advantage of this new promotion between May 1 through July 31, 2017. Learn more.

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Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion 

Color print technology allows you to create more impactful, higher-value communications that help improve your operational performance and your bottom line. Now, those same communications can also earn you 2% discounts from the USPS.

From July 1 to December 31, 2017, the USPS encourages eligible mailers to invest in color print technology by producing bills and statements that use personalized color transpromotional messaging providing an upfront postage discount of 2% to eligible postage.

See how much you can save by taking advantage of the USPS Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion between From July 1 to December 31, 2017. Learn more

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Emerging & Advanced Technology/Video in Print Promotion

By using EngageOne Video from Pitney Bowes, companies now have the opportunity to integrate direct mail with technology, providing a unique, interactive experience for their customers. From March 1 to August 31, 2017, mailers who create mailpieces that use at least one form of approved emerging or advanced technologies -- like EngageOne Video -- will receive a 2% discount on eligible postage.

See how much you can save by taking advantage of the Emerging & Advanced Technology/Video in Print Promotion between March 1 and August 31, 2017. Learn more.

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Mobile Shopping Promotion

The Mobile Shopping Promotion encourages mailers to integrate mobile technology with their direct mail efforts in order to make it easier for customers to shop online. Eligible mailpieces that direct customers to a social media “Buy button” may receive a discount on postage.

See how much you can save by taking advantage of the Mobile Shopping Promotion between August 1 and December 31, 2017. Learn more

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Great Mailing Opportunities

The 2017 Mailing Promotions continue to build on the engagement strategies of the 2016 promotions. The promotions focus on providing organizations with the opportunity to engage their customers by using dynamic color, new print techniques, mobile technology as well as traditional and innovative mail techniques.

Pitney Bowes offers a comprehensive range of mailing services designed to help you optimize your postage spend. Contact us to better understand your options and take advantage of these promotions.


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