USPS® IMpb tracking labels deliver you more for less

More often than not USPS is seen as a “mailing” carrier while FedEx and UPS are considered “shipping” carriers. But did you know USPS Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb) tracking labels can deliver you more for less? You may be leaving postal discounts on the table.





To most, the distinction between “mailing” and “shipping” isn’t a big deal. After all, as long as your item leaves from point A and arrives at point B, does it matter what you call it? It’s all sending. But when it comes to determining how to get an item from Point A to Point B, the way you send it is a big deal and can have an even bigger impact on your bottom line.

It’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right service for everything you send. Not only will you save money but sending smarter also helps you develop a deeper relationship with your customers. By making sure items arrive on time, you can build the trust and confidence essential to building customer loyalty.

Although USPS is often synonymous with mailing, they deliver more than 200 million trackable packages a year as well as hundreds of millions of ground packages on behalf of FedEx and UPS. The Intelligent Mail® package barcode, also known as IMpb, is the USPS’ bridge between physical packages and digital information, helping to deliver world-class service and tracking to senders of all kinds.

Much like with UPS or FedEx, IMpb tracking labels ensure the addresses and rates you pay for your chosen services are accurate, eliminating guesswork that can cost you extra money, delay a delivery and cause you and your customers' undue aggravation. Let’s take a closer look at what items qualify for an IMpb label and the benefits it delivers.  


What qualifies for a USPS IMpb trackable label?


What benefits do USPS IMpb tracking labels deliver?

Send qualifying flats and packages with a USPS IMpb tracking label and you’ll see benefits such as: 

Free USPS packaging Online tracking with up to 11 tracking points
Free pickup No hidden surcharges for fuel or rural delivery
Free insurance (up to $100) Delivery six days a week (including Saturday)
Address verification Access to exclusive savings for SendPro® customers


Unsure if what you’re sending qualifies for an IMpb tracking label? Answer a few simple questions about the item you’re looking to send and we’ll help determine if it qualifies.