Manage your postage expense better

Improve your cash flow and simplify how you pay for meter postage and mail related spending.

Start using a Purchase Power account today to:

Improve your cash flow: 
Pay later, even over time*, for your meter postage and related expenses to free up cash or credit that could be better invested in core business.

Consolidate postage and related spending onto one bill: 
Combine charges for meter postage, rental fees and supplies, even shipping, on one account. With one bill to pay once a month.

Simplify accounting: 
Save on resources since transactions are automatically tracked and can be downloaded then sorted as needed by transaction type, mailing details, departmental charge back information and more.

Enhance budgeting efficiency: 
Access 18 months of transaction trends reporting to make budgeting easier.

Increase savings
Accumulate postage credits as you spend.

*Finance charges and late fees may apply.

Use a Purchase Power line of credit for all of your meter postage and supplies.