Automated folding, inserting and sealing made easy.

Automated folding, inserting and sealing made easy.

Now’s the time to speed up your mail processing with the perfect addition to your postage meter — the Relay folder inserter. It’s the automated and hassle-free way to fold, insert and seal all your mail, right at your off ice.


Reach your customers on time by finishing your mailings faster. Automating mundane tasks, like folding and inserting mail, frees your staff to focus on high value tasks rather than folding paper and stuffing envelopes.


Eliminate manual mistakes associated with assembling your mail. Whether you’re sending marketing offers, notices, or bills, Relay uses the latest technology to ensure customers receive the correct communication.


The Relay inserter gives you flexibility to do more with your mail.  Handle multiple fold types, page sizes and outer envelope sizes.  And, easily add marketing messages in each envelope to make the most of each communication.


Automating your mail shouldn’t mean complicating it.  Relay inserters make it easy with touch-screen and on screen icons and text so setting up, selecting and processing jobs is easy enough for any employee.

With hands-free processing, your mailroom will practically run itself.

Take advantage of enhanced:

  • Productivity: No more manually folding paper or stuffing envelopes. Relay inserters operate at fast speeds and with precision processing, so you can get your mail out the door faster than ever.

  • Accuracy: Cut the risk that comes with manual inserting and ensure that all your letters and inserts get in the right envelope every time.

  • Versatility: Relay handles a variety of letter and envelope sizes, giving you the flexibility you need when your mail needs change.

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