World-class vote-by-mail technology designed by Pitney Bowes

More and more, election officials and voters are turning to voting by mail for accessibility, convenience, security and the ability to audit. 

As voting by mail continues to grow, traditional manual procedures to handle mail ballots are becoming inadequate. 

Now, election administrators can take advantage of world-class mailing industry automation technology designed by Pitney Bowes. 

The Pitney Bowes Relia-Vote solution is a modular, high-integrity automated set of solutions for absentee ballot and vote-by-mail ballot operations. It offers state-of-the-art monitoring, reporting, tracking and auditing while simultaneously reducing processing time. The Relia-Vote solution is a proven, integrated solution that is compatible with both current and future voter registration systems. Whether you are large, medium or small county looking for ballot assembly or incoming ballot processing, Relia-Vote is your solution.

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Pitney Bowes automated mail ballot assembly solutions are designed to help you get the right ballot to the right voter, at the right time. Plus, you'll be able to secure the lowest postage rates available. Our state-of-the-art outbound ballot solutions enable officials to retain strict and auditable internal controls over the assembly and mailing of voter ballots.

Pitney Bowes inbound ballot processing solutions allow election officials to validate the legitimacy of a ballot envelope and capture and digitize an image of a signature. Our solution also compares signatures to voter registration records and sorts ballots to a precinct level. What once took days and manual labor can now be done in a matter of hours while increasing accuracy and reducing risk. 

Yavapai County Case Study

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The 2016 election is forecasted to produce the largest Vote-by-Mail volume in history. Will you be ready? In this webinar we'll update you on the growing vote-by-mail trends and the challenges facing election officials. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from your peers and industry experts on best practices that support monitoring, reporting, tracking and auditing the end-to-end vote-by-mail processes. 

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The 2016 election is forecasted to produce the largest Vote-by-Mail volume in history. Will you be ready? 

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