With a single view of the plan member, you can achieve higher quality scores

Achieving high quality scores in today’s shift to value-based payment remains a key goal for payers. However, achieving that goal is often hindered by the inability to see where they stand on specific metrics, thus making corrective action throughout the year much more difficult.

To achieve the all-important single view of the plan member, means being able to measure and react in a timely manner, smarter planning, true collaboration and innovative, optimized digital tools.

Payers need to ensure tighter collaboration with providers in order to improve outcomes, achieve greater operational efficiencies and to leverage best practices across the full range of healthcare delivery. Achieving high quality scores demands a full, 360-degree, unified view of the plan member in order to spot potential problems before they have significant impact -- and to remedy them before quality scores are affected.

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You’ll learn how payers are improving collaboration and communication with members to improve quality scores and improve the overall quality of care.

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