Return Mail solutions

Automate and streamline the process of managing returned mail.

Pitney Bowes Presort Services can help reduce the complexities and challenges of managing physical returned mail.  Our cloud-based solutions easily update Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) addresses so that you can mail confidently knowing that your customer communications have the correct address for the intended recipient.


Improve mail deliverability by up to 75%

Combining high-speed sorters with our data quality expertise and presort skills, our Return Mail solutions validate returned mail addresses against multiple data sets, updating address records when available. This results in cleaner, updated address files that improves mail deliverability up to 75%. Since it's in the cloud, our Return Mail solutions process thousands of records each second, easily scaling to meet the needs of every mailer. As an efficient and sustainable way to handle your returned mail, this process:

  • Improves mail deliverability
  • Eliminates and automates fragmented manual processes
  • Reduces mail costs and positively impacts your bottom line

Flexible solutions to best integrate with your business processes and solve your UAA challenge.

  • Physical mail solution: We scan returned physical mail pieces converting captured images to usable data. Using our proprietary address resolution platform, we update the address and provide a file back to mailers. 
  • Digital Solution: Mailers can transmit a file of UAA addresses. We run that file against our address resolution platform and transmit an updated address file back to the mailer. 
  • Data capture solution: For mailers who need to digitize the data on their UAA pieces, we scan the returned mail pieces and provide a file back to the mailer.