Ensure mail visibility throughout the entire processing lifecycle


An innovative Intelligent Mail management software, MAIL360 automates the translation of USPS™ and third-party mail tracking data into a standardized format that can be readily integrated into your business process.

Make the intelligent choice for mail and campaign management

MAIL360 and other Pitney Bowes solutions work strategically to support USPS Informed Delivery® and Informed Visibility®.

Track when your message has reached your customers

Improve mail campaign performance

Increase ad response rates

MAIL360 provides much more than USPS compliance

  • Manage and optimize mailing and mailpiece delivery
  • Reporting and analysis of campaign and delivery performance
  • Manage Intelligent Mail barcodes for all processes across an entire enterprise
  • Maximize USPS automation discounts


Intelligent Mail flexibility and performance

  • Mailing and mailpiece data that can be linked to and integrated
  • Business processes optimized in departments such as billing marketing and customer support
  • Generating customizable reports for mail delivery performance.

A single solution for Intelligent Mail management

MAIL360 provides a single solution to successfully implement Intelligent Mail barcode to increase mail performance tracking to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Central management of mailer ID numbers

Our Intelligent Mail management software lets you specify how mailer ID numbers should be handled and assign unique Intelligent Mail barcodes. Enterprise Intelligent Mail Partitioning prevents non-connected computers from inadvertently duplicating unique numbers.

Reduce cancellation costs

Track remittance mailings through Intelligent Mail to determine if the check is in the mail. Reduce the costs associated with service cancellation and reinstatement by knowing the exact location of the mail piece in the postal system.

Save with proof of mailing

MAIL360 enables you to confirm delivery to save you money by avoiding USPS mail piece charges.

Ensure payment through remittance barcodes

MAIL360 allows you to include the Intelligent Mail barcode on remittance mail. Coupled with postal performance reports Mail360 triggers payment improves cash flow and enables critical forecast activities.

Close the loop on address quality

Increase mail efficiency with the ability to  cleanse and verify addresses to close the loop on address quality management.

Integrated modules for the best capabilities

  • Generate Intelligent Mail barcodes natively on MVS i-Series UNIX and Windows platforms. MAIL360 can be invoked as a stand-alone application via address coding applications (Finalistor CODE-1 Plus) and print stream engineering solutions (EngageOne Enrichment, formerly StreamWeaver®).
  • MAIL360 Data Manager boosts your storage management and reporting capabilities at both an individual and aggregate level via a single interface. Collect USPS and third-party data feeds and correlate data with enterprise key information unique to each piece of mail.

Return Mail Workflow

MAIL360 creates an automated address review and reconciliation process that leverages undeliverable as addressed (UAA) piece level delivery data received from USPS. By leveraging the UAA information, costs can be reduced by eliminating return mail and enhances the accuracy of future mail delivery.