5 ways the SendPro™ solution can help you save big

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5 ways the SendPro® solution can help you save big

Using Pitney Bowes online sending software to reduce costs.

Saving both money and time are two key concerns for office workers responsible for sending large envelopes, express deliveries and packages. It stands to reason that if you can reduce the time it takes in your sending processes, you’ll reduce associated costs. But is it really possible to reduce hard costs? And now, with the USPS® changing mailing and shipping service rates in January 2017, cost savings is even more of a concern. The approved prices by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) reflect an average 3.9 percent increase across all shipping services.

So how can the SendPro online software solution help minimize the effect this will have on your sending costs.

01. Look at the big picture.
The SendPro solution already provides you with access to optimized USPS and UPS® rates and enables you to compare sending options. Additional opportunities for savings are in the following details.

02. Access USPS rate benefits.
When you use the SendPro solution, you can access the USPS Commercial Base pricing discounted rate structure. For example, in 2017 you can save 27 percent on a 5-pound package sent locally via USPS Priority Mail®.* And you can save a minimum of 10 percent on every USPS Priority Mail Express™ shipment. With the 2017 rate changes encompassing both these services, the extra savings will become even more essential.

03. Capture substantial UPS discounts.
Pitney Bowes customers can also take advantage of UPS discounts. You can save a minimum of 18 percent off UPS Next Day Air®, and 9 percent off UPS Ground Commercial and Residential. Plus, the more you send, the more you can save. Ship four or more packages per week and your savings will increase.

04. Utilize your carrier negotiated rates.
At the same time you are leveraging pre-negotiated rates, built into the SendPro solution, you can also utilize your own existing carrier negotiated rates if they are better. In other words, you can’t lose – only save.

05. Save even more with the SendKit equipment.
In addition to the online software itself, the complete SendPro solution includes the SendKit equipment, consisting of an integrated scale and printer. The scale enables you to accurately weigh and measure packages, helping avoid overpayment of postage. The printer allows you to easily print out professional looking labels for each mailed item. Using the SendKit equipment, your cost savings go beyond just the actual shipping costs alone.

Whether you’re convinced the SendPro solution is for you, or you still need convincing, Pitney Bowes invites you to try SendPro software free for 90 days.** Find out for yourself why we think it’s the right solution for your company.

* Savings are based on 5-pound packages sent priority mail commercial rates vs. retail rates in zones 1 and 2. Rates may vary in other zones. Discounts with USPS Priority Mail vary with weight and distance, as determined by the USPS.

** Postage and carrier charges apply. You must cancel within the free trial period to avoid subscription charges.

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