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Advantages of Technology Solutions for Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail

Find out the advantages of automating your companies returned mail process with our cloud-enabled solution. Superior address management and verification helps improve mail deliverability by up to 75%.

When you think about the various problems companies are struggling to solve today, you probably don’t immediately think of Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail. But something that seems so minor may be costing your company in a major way.

According to the USPS®, 16 to 18 percent of the population in the United States moves each year.  Only about 60 percent of movers file a change of address record with the USPS. UAA mail can be a huge problem for financial, insurance and healthcare industries, where change-of-address is the most common reason for returned mail.

For businesses, the true costs of returned mail can be staggering. The USPS processed 6.5 billion pieces of mail as UAA in 2015. Returned mail can cost mailers up to $25 per piece, and the same mailpiece may be mailed up to 50 times. While some companies have a manual process to deal with returned mail, many have no process at all.

The Need for an Automated Process

Not quite convinced this is a problem?

Let’s take a closer look.

Imagine the mailroom at any given company, filled with stacks of returned mail. Most often, this mail remains neglected. At many companies, the best-case scenario is that an employee notices the stacks of returned mail and uses Google to manually look up correct addresses.

Not only are manual lookups labor-intensive and incredibly inefficient, but also a drain on resources. There is another option for dealing with UAA mail. Technology solutions are automating this process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Automated returned mail processing eliminates the physical hassle, which is especially useful in industries that tend to have a ton of returned mail.

Cloud-Enabled Services Provide Scalability

What about smaller companies that might not have such large volumes of UAA mail? Returned mail technology solutions are not exclusively built for large businesses. Cloud-enabled services are equipped to handle returned mail volumes of any size, whether you have 5,000 mailpieces or 50,000. No matter the volume, cloud computing delivers reliable address management and can scale as your business grows.

Improved Data Quality and Speed of Processing

Think back to the employee wading through piles of mail in the mailroom. How long do you think it takes to find the correct address, and what if the right address is virtually impossible to find? Quick processing and access to significantly more data points are two more reasons to implement an automated returned mail solution.

With automation, you can look up or validate thousands of addresses per second. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s mail programs. You can tap into a wider variety of public and private databases to find address information. And you can quickly verify the identity of the addressee and find the correct address, with the potential to update up to 75 percent of your undeliverable addresses.

For more information about automated returned mail processing, check out Return Mail solutions from Pitney Bowes – a technology-enabled service that helps save time and money. Return Mail solutions delivers superior address management and verification via reliable, scalable cloud computing.

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