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Two big ways automated parcel sorting solutions enable efficient mail centers

Pitney Bowes Automated Parcel Sorting Solutions enable greater sortation volumes, accurate package scanning and smarter business insights.

At the click of a mouse or the swipe of a thumb, consumers today can purchase goods from merchants located anywhere in the world. The volume and speed of global ecommerce is rising at an incredible pace. The instant nature of online shopping is changing buyer expectations regarding item availability and speed of delivery.

What do these trends mean for retail carriers and postal organizations? More shipments mean more revenue-generating opportunities. That means that shippers must find creative ways to deliver an exponentially growing number of packages to a much larger pool of domestic and global customers, in a way that is both fast and affordable. Automated parcel sorting solutions help to enable this growth.

Couriers and postal operations require some of the most complex combinations of logistics processes possible. Automation needs to be embedded at the heart of mail center operations. With automated parcel sorting systems, postal organizations can keep pace with rising parcel shipments, implement new value-add services and establish a foundation for future ecommerce success.

Here are two big ways automated parcel sorting solutions and systems improve back-end operations:

Scanning technologies enable speed reading

With advanced scanning capabilities, automated parcel sorting solutions significantly improve label read rates and product identification. The greater your scanning accuracy, the less reliance on manual intervention. This enables delivery organizations to better manage manpower schedules and costs.

Automated parcel sorting systems from Pitney Bowes perform a wide area scan to capture label and dimensional information, including package measurements and weight. Barcodes, machine printed labels - and even handwriting - can all be scanned and OCR’ed with exceptional accuracy.

Process improvements reveal revenue opportunities

By embracing automation in their postal operations, couriers are also able to plan cost-efficient mail center improvements and negotiate lucrative new business opportunities.

Parcel sorting solutions from Pitney Bowes offer insight into the data that sustains your business. With a smarter understanding of peak processing times, you can better schedule manpower and resources to support faster sorting turnarounds. With integrated Alibi Data Storage, you have the historical dimensional data needed to verify package pricing. That eliminates costly inaccuracies.

Automation also delivers the process visibility and firm operational footing needed to enter into – and meet – aggressive service level agreements. With the confidence knowing that your operations can address high consumer expectations for package turnaround, you’re able to pursue higher-revenue shipping opportunities and earn better terms on your next service contract. 

Learn more about how technology can enable greater sortation volumes, accurate package scanning and smarter business insights with TrueSort™ automated parcel solutions.

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