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Mail + Mobile: The perfect merger of high-value communications

Mobile advertising and direct mail marketing can seem like they’re on completely opposite ends of the communications spectrum. On one hand, you have an emerging digital channel.  On the other, you have an enduring physical medium.

In marketing, sharing a unified message across multiple channels can greatly enhance a campaign’s effectiveness. That’s because a multichannel approach increases the number of potential touchpoints with marketing targets, which is critical at a time when it takes between seven to 12 impressions to influence a decision.

Mobile advertising is proven to work

Mobile is emerging as a platform with huge marketing potential. The US smartphone market is comprised of more than 196 million subscribers and growing. What’s more, the average American spends around three hours per day in front of a mobile screen, not including time spent talking on the phone.

Data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) speaks to the effectiveness of mobile advertising. According to a survey of mobile purchasers, 76 percent said they had engaged with a mobile ad in the prior six months, while a separate IAB study found that 70 percent of consumers actually welcome mobile ads.

Direct mail delivers results

Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire and retain customers. Research shows that 73 percent of consumers prefer to receive direct mail over other mobile and non-mobile forms of communication. Similarly, direct mail delivers response rates that are 30 times higher than email. Overall, direct mail is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, delivering the highest ROI of any channel for B2C communications.

Multichannel brings physical and digital efforts together

According to Forrester, 86 percent of marketers believe that combining online and offline marketing channels is critical to the success of integrated campaigns. There’s good reason for that. Infotrends found that response rates increase by 45 percent when print is combined with online channels including mobile, email and the web.

By sending a piece of tailored direct mail to a potential customer shortly after they’ve received a relevant mobile ad, you have a chance to maximize the impact of that impression. Your campaign becomes “stickier”, meaning you’re able to leverage the immediacy and instant gratification of mobile. More importantly, your brand has a better chance to remain top-of-mind with that customer.

The only question is, how do you correctly combine the two channels together?

Deploy effective Mail + Mobile strategies

It takes two components:

01.   Simple, interactive mobile ads. Regardless when you send them during a direct mail campaign, mobile ads can introduce a brand or encourage follow-up actions.

02.   Tailored direct mail that incorporates the same copy and creative elements from the mobile ad builds brand awareness and nurtures interested prospects.

This approach takes you closer to the needed seven to 12 touchpoints with your audience, without bombarding them with irrelevant or repetitive advertising on a single channel.  

In a Pitney Bowes B2B trial, we achieved double the conversion rate by combining mail and mobile, compared to direct mail alone. The key: Consistent, relevant content targeted to the right channel with the right advertisement at the right time.

Pitney Bowes Synchronize™ Mail + Mobile: Integrated marketing communications

Synchronize™ Mail + Mobile is a full-service solution that offers support at every stage of a multichannel communications campaign.

To ensure accurate data, our solution enables you to match your mailing list to our bank of more than 900 million unique mobile device IDs. As a result, you’re able to zero in on robust customer profiles, discovering the interests, behaviors and purchase intentions of your entire target audience.

We can also help you in the creative process, making sure that existing artwork and creative elements from your direct mail campaign are optimally transferred to mobile. Plus, we’ll augment your mailing list to achieve the optimal audience, and then bring your mobile ad campaign to life with real-time media bidding and purchasing. Finally, we can measure the success of Mail + Mobile campaigns to ensure you’re capitalizing on your successes and improving along the way.

The result is higher value communications and truly integrated B2C or B2B marketing campaigns. It’s the right approach for businesses that hope to rise above the noise and establish stronger connections with potential customers in the crowded world of modern commerce.

Learn more about how our Mail + Mobile solution is proven to engage new audiences.

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