PresortXtra™ just keeps getting better

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PresortXtra™ just keeps getting better

Providing postage savings for low-volume mailers.

Maybe you think you don’t mail enough pieces to earn a presort discount.

Maybe you should take another look at the possibilities. With the new postal prices going into effect on January 22, 2017, we can now offer mailers greater savings at even lower volume mailings.

Pitney Bowes PresortXtra service provides low-volume mailers with savings between 6 and 51 percent on First-Class™ postage. The service enables businesses that mail as few as 250 letters or 150 flats a day to save on each mailing.

For example, if you mail 300 (one and two ounce) letters a day, you would spend $2,760 on postage monthly and $33,120 annually.* Using PresortXtra would help you save $354 monthly and $4,248 annually.

The process is easy when you use your existing postage meter. Apply the lower PresortXtra rate and date your mail for the next day. Pitney Bowes picks up your mail, processes it at a presort center, and delivers it to the USPS® for final delivery.

In addition to scheduling mail pick-ups when you need them, this convenient service helps to ensure accuracy with Delivery Point Validation, which verifies an address exists, and Move Update, which automatically updates addresses when people move.

How can we do this?
Pitney Bowes operates a nationwide network of more than 30 presort operating centers processing over 15 billion pieces of mail annually. As the largest USPS workshare partner, we help mailers maximize postal savings and can pass savings on to you.

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* This scenario is based on the assumption of 300 letters over 20 days and that 80 percent is one ounce and 20 percent is 20 ounces.