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Get more bang for your buck: Postal optimization unlocks direct mail savings

Take advantage of every potential postage discount by optimizing your postal operations.

Direct mail has been proven to be one of the most effective channels for marketing. According to research, it delivers response rates that are 30 times better than email and fetches a higher return on investment than all other forms of B2C marketing media.


What if marketers could draw even more value from direct mail? Are there ways to stretch your dollar further and ensure even better ROI from your next mail campaign?


The answer is yes. Enterprise direct mailers need to look no further than their own postal operations to find ways to save. That’s because effective postal optimization addresses two of the biggest contributors to direct mail overhead: the high cost of equipment and postage.


By lowering these key costs, you’re able to eliminate the burden of expensive infrastructure purchases, take advantage of attractive postage discounts and lower your overall per-piece cost, thus increasing ROI. Here’s how.


Eliminate equipment inefficiencies with presort solutions

Poor mail center equipment can inflate the cost of your direct mail marketing campaign. Out-of-date or inefficient technology could compromise the sorting process. Expensive hardware could make it difficult for you to achieve the best possible return on your investment.


As declining volumes of traditional mail make storage and upkeep of this equipment less cost-effective, mail centers will need to think about how they allocate their space. Many older mail center sorting systems take up a lot of floor space and – unlike modern modular systems – can’t always be adjusted to fit any room.


Given the projected decline in traditional mail volumes – the United States Postal Service (USPS) expects volume to fall from a high-water mark of 213 billion pieces in 2006 to just 150 billion pieces by 2020 – mail centers may want to consider alternative approaches to most effectively handle and sort their mail volumes. Comparatively, presort services from Pitney Bowes is a cost- and space-efficient way to maintain steady mail production.


Unlock postage discounts

Presorting your mail – essentially, grouping it by ZIP code – is a great first step to creating a more efficient direct mail marketing operation. Presorted mail enters the United States Postal Service (USPS) at exactly the right time and point of entry. This improves your ability to predict delivery time and enables better tracking.


It also triggers postage discounts. The USPS® introduced presort savings as a way to encourage large mailers to share the load of mail preparation. By sorting your own mail and applying a USPS barcode yourself, you’re saving the post office extra work. As a result, your price-per-mailpiece is lower than standard rates. The finer your sort – for example, all the way down to the exact five-digit ZIP code – the bigger your discount. Depending on volume, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your mail campaign.


With PrimeSort™, it’s easier to save.

Technology can help you optimize your postal operations and ensure you’re taking full advantage of every potential USPS discount. Pitney Bowes PrimeSort software analyzes your mailing files – plus answers to a few basic questions about the specific mail job – to recommend the best presorting approach to reduce overall spend.


PrimeSort is a cloud-based solution. That means you don’t have to install or maintain any expensive hardware or purchase software licenses. Our innovative presort software includes capabilities that help you further optimize the cost of your campaigns. PrimeSort can analyze your mail for quality to ensure it meets USPS standards and qualifies for postage discounts, and provides the insight you need to perfect recurring mail processing.


PrimeSort also creates everything you need to produce a mailing, including tray labels, pallet placards, mail.dat files and appropriate USPS documentation. On top of all that, support from the presorting experts at Pitney Bowes Presort Services takes much of the heavy lifting off your plate. We will help you identify additional opportunities to lower overhead costs, reliably deliver your mail anywhere in the country and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.


With PrimeSort, you have three sortation options. Direct Present is the best approach if you’re sending a lot of mail to a dense ZIP code. It’s ideal for companies that have the equipment and expertise to handle all their pre-sorting in-house. This mail is then sorted to the finest degree for maximum savings.


With Commingle/One Pass, mail is commingled with pieces from other mailers to improve ZIP code density and to induct your mail further into the USPS mailstream. One Pass uses Pitney Bowes’ unique methodology to prepare your mail. It eliminates the need for multiple sorts further reducing commingle costs and improving throughput.


Finally, you can opt to take a Hybrid approach – a combination of Direct Present and Commingling – to achieve the best possible savings.

With the power of presort, your direct mailmarketing efforts will be more cost-effective and targeted. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to react quickly to new business opportunities and roll out timely, efficient mailers that drive revenue.


Learn more about Pitney Bowes PrimeSort.

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