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What’s Happening in the World of Shipping: Muhammad Ali tribute and Amazon's new move

This week we take a look at how UPS is paying tribute to the legacy of Muhammad Ali, and Amazon’s new move to attract Chinese merchants away from competitor Alibaba.

Do you sometimes struggle to keep up with what’s happening in the shipping and mailing world? Not sure of what new developments may coming down the pike? Keeping abreast of current events in our industry – whether it’s new carrier options, rate changes or new delivery alternatives – is key for SMBs looking to streamline their mailing operations and ensure they’re complying with industry regulations.


That’s why we’ve put together this bi-weekly series of news stories that pick out some recent events or changes going on in our world that you should be aware of. Here are a couple that have emerged in the last two weeks that deserve your attention:


‘UPS gives Ali Center $500K for education’ – Courier-Journal

The world mourned the passing of the legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali this month, and while there has been no shortage of stories swapped and videos shared of his famous fights or speeches, UPS is paying homage to The Greatest in their own way: with a $500,000 donation to the Ali Center.


As Brendan Canavan, president of the Louisville-based UPS affiliate UPS Air, told The Courier-Journal, the parcel carrier and the late boxer were more alike than you might think at first, with a shared interest in “connecting global communities, a passion for humanitarian aid and roots in Louisville.” The donation will help fund a number of the Ali Center’s education programs aimed at helping young students cultivate the skills and tools they need to become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


‘Amazon Cuts Shipping Fees in Threat to Alibaba’s U.S. Business’ – Bloomberg

The ecommerce giant is flexing its muscle against its China-based competitor Alibaba, as Bloomberg reports. Effective July 1, Amazon will be dropping its fees by as much as 67 percent for merchants shipping small, flat items (think USB cables and smartphone screen protectors) in envelopes. These reduced fees not only provide significant relief – and higher profits – for third-party merchants who predominantly sell $10-or-less items through Amazon, but is also an aggressive move toward courting Chinese merchants who may normally sell through Alibaba. Instead, the more competitive merchant fees and fast U.S. delivery times that come with Amazon’s new ‘light and small’ delivery initiative may be just what draws many of those Chinese sellers away from Alibaba.


Stay tuned for more news stories roundups like these to keep you apprised of everything exciting and need-to-know in the shipping and mailing world. 

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