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Smart Investment

New automated systems help Croatian Post increase its productivity and capacity to handle millions of items daily with accuracy, integrity and security.

In a bid to improve its sorting and delivery processes, Croatian Post has recently invested in the latest mixed mail solutions from Pitney Bowes for its new state-of-the-art sorting centers in Zagreb and Split. The sorting systems, along with Pitney Bowes’ Business Logic Processing (BLP) software, will automate sortation for as many as 2.5 million postal items per day.

“We are very satisfied with the level of service and have established a very good partnership with Pitney Bowes,” says Croatian Post CEO Ivan Culo. “We were looking for the best sorting solution available to replace our existing systems, which we could no longer operate and maintain with a sufficient level of security. Pitney Bowes has extensive experience and knowledge of the postal business in general and all aspects of mail sorting, which has proved very valuable to us. Our new sorting systems are quicker and more reliable and help ensure timely delivery, even during our peak loads of 2.5 million mail items a day. This new technology will enable us to be more efficient while ensuring document integrity and security. I look forward to future cooperation with Pitney Bowes.”

L-R: Grant Miller, president of Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies, Ivan Culo, CEO, Croatian Post, and Rick Becerra, Vice President of Pitney Bowes Sortation Solutions

Both processing centers are now equipped with the Pitney Bowes Vantage™ sorting solution. In addition, the main sorting center in Zagreb integrates the Pitney Bowes VariSort™ mixed mail sorter, which efficiently processes a wide range of flat mail – from clean to complex, bound printed matter such as magazines and catalogs, small parcels, poly-wrap and even misshapen pieces. The backbone of the system is the Pitney Bowes BLP software with CEN interface, which provides access to a real-time processing data stream for tracking, reporting and auditing.

“Pitney Bowes is proud to partner with Croatian Post to deliver world-class sortation solutions that will provide the efficiency and accuracy required to expand its operations and deliver greater value to its customers,” says Grant Miller, president of Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. “The new operating centers in Zagreb and Split are excellent examples of technology and innovation at work. Both centers are able to sort postal items at an astonishing speed, but even more importantly are able to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each piece.”


The integrated systems, which leverage the latest optical character recognition technology for increased read rates, based on Croatian post formats and characters, provide exceptional accuracy, document integrity and security at a rate of 230,000 items per hour. They have transformed Croatian Post into the premium sortation hub for in-country and out-of-country postal providers.

“This is the first phase of our partnership with Croatian Post, and we look forward to working together to further support its growing parcel volumes,” adds Miller.