Delivery Guarantee

Combine timely, cost effective and reliable services with Delivery Guarantee.

3-day delivery with a money back guarantee and customer service claims processed all through Pitney Bowes


3-day Delivery Guarantee

We bring cost-effective, reliable delivery services with best in class technology.

  • If shipments delivered in greater than 3 days, merchants can simply request a refund for the cost of the shipping label.

  • Delivery Guarantee puts merchants at ease and provides a better customer experience.




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Delivery that defends the brand promise.

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Parcel Protection

Parcel Protection gives shippers the peace of mind that they’ll be compensated for if their packages are lost or damaged during shipment.

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Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery is a suite of small parcel shipping solutions that enable retailers to exceed customer expectations of the post-purchase experience.

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Ship Confidently via USPS

For solution providers who need to support small and medium-sized retailers with an ecommerce shipping technology that is reliable, trackable and easily managed.



Adding USPS shipping to your carrier mix allows merchants to simply do more business.