Inserters, Sorters & Printers

Keep your mail moving with outstanding flexibility and efficiency.

Achieve operational excellence through automation and by integrating end-to-end mailing workflows with inserting, sorting and high-speed color inkjet printing solutions.

Inserters Improve speed, compliance and flexibility by inserting mail accurately and securely.

Table top inserting systems

Our tabletop inserters help mailers of all sizes fold, insert and seal volumes from a few hundred up to 200,000 mailpieces per month.


Production inserting systems

Our production inserters help mailers insert volumes from a few hundred up to millions of mailpieces per month.


Epic inserting solution

Epic™ inserting solution

Keep inserting jobs moving with our high-speed, multi-format system.

Our high-volume, multi-format inserter helps transactional mailers process up to 21,000 pieces per hour.

Mailstream Productivity series

Mailstream Productivity Series

Our scalable, high-speed system drives greater operational performance.

Our high-volume inserters can accurately process mail at speeds up to 26,000 pieces per hour.

Mailstream Direct inserting system

Mailstream Direct inserting system

Process more mail on every shift with a single system.

Our high-speed, reliable platform processes up to 22,000 direct mailpieces per hour. 

Mailstream Evolution inserting system

Mailstream Evolution™ inserting system

Our scalable and modular platform expands as your business grows.

Our high-volume, flexible inserter can process up to 14,000 pieces per hour on a single platform.

Rival Productivity Series inserting system

Rival™ Productivity Series inserting system

Experience powerful, flexible mail finishing in a smaller footprint.

Our mid-range, modular inserting solution features a throughput of up to 12,000 mailpieces per hour.

DI2000 inserting system

DI™2000 inserting system

Optimize mail operations with this flexible and durable platform.

Our modular and compact inserting system features a throughput of up to 10,000 mailpieces per hour.

Pulse™ inserting solution

Cost-effectively process short-run and manual jobs with accuracy.

Our compact, multi-format platform manages up to 4,000 mailpieces per hour.

FlowMaster® RS Flex

Automate manual tasks with our high-speed, single inserting platform.

Using servo motor technology, our system can handle up to 16,000 letters and 9,000 flats per hour.

Mailstream Wrapper™ Productivity System

Streamline mail production with a unique envelope wrap process.

Our transactional wrapping system can accurately process up to 26,000 pieces per hour.

Relia-Vote™ automated mail ballot solutions

Bring integrity to mail ballot processing with automation.

Relia-Vote from Pitney Bowes presents an automated process for vote-by-mail ballot operations.

Certified Refurbished inserting systems

Experience the same, proven quality as our new inserting solutions.

Receive the same service, support and installation with our pre-owned, re-manufactured or hybrid inserters.

Production inserter accessories

Modules that seamlessly integrate with inserters to improve operational efficiencies.



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Sorters Cut costs and boost compliance by sorting and tracking mail and parcels.

Sorting solutions

Our automated mail and parcel sorting solutions reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

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Printers Create customer value and engagement by printing impactful mail efficiently.

Printing solutions

Our digital color inkjet systems create engaging, personalized and accurate mailpieces.


RISO ComColor® FW Inkjet Printers

RISO ComColor® FW Inkjet Printers

Accelerate your print and mail process.

The ComColor FW printers combine ultra-fast printing speed with inkjet printing technology. This prevents paper curl and reduces paper jams typically experienced from traditional toner-based printers.

RISO ComColor® GD Inkjet Printers

RISO ComColor® GD Inkjet Printers

Put your high-volume inkjet print and mail production process on the fast track.

This world-class inkjet solution combined with a new Fiery® RIP improves the productivity of your print, while making your end-to-end mailing process faster and more efficient.

AcceleJet printing and finishing system

AcceleJet® printing and finishing system

Accelerate your path to color with a high-quality inkjet printing solution.

Our cost-effective solution features built-in flexibility for print speed, color quality and finishing.

IntelliJet print solutions

IntelliJet® print solutions

Make your move to digital color with our IntelliJet printing solutions.

Produce high volumes of personalized, transactional bills and statements in full color, quickly and cost effectively.

Printing accessories

Modules that seamlessly integrate with printers to improve operational efficiencies.


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