Fold mail of multiple pages and variable page counts.


Make mail processing easier -- add scan marks, guarantee your mailing's integrity, and fold mail pieces of multiple pages and variable page counts.

Now it is easy to fold and insert documents with various lengths without your intervention!

PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW software automates your lower-volume inserter document processes to ensure that the right content is inserted into the right envelope.

Reduce labor – Improve production time – Decrease errors

  • Easy operation - Re-formats existing documents with OMR marks or barcodes so that your Pitney Bowes inserter can process documents automatically
  • Simple to Use - Software guides you through the set-up process
  • Flexible - Manage variable page count automatically & support selective feeding applications
  • Document reliability - Appropriate document to correct recipient
  • No new equipment to buy - Software adapts to your existing process

With PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW it becomes easy to automatically fold mail pieces of multiple pages even when the page count is variable!

Dynamically add inserts from variable trays based on easy to set-up conditions that follow your existing business rules.

Key Features

  • Automate the printing of existing documents with device-specific scan marks
  • Manage scan marks on duplex print jobs
  • Allows users to create job templates and re-use them at will
  • Output PDFs ready for post-processing
  • Recognize characters from any language
  • Comes in Desktop Edition for local capture and printing