Big sorter capabilities in a small package

Reliant™ sorting solution

Now companies and posts with lower mail volumes can achieve the same efficiencies as high volume mailers. Whether you're sorting incoming or outgoing mail – you can experience reduced operating costs, increased postal discounts, and improved productivity with 18K per hour sorting capabilities.

The Reliant sorting solution can sort letters up to 18,000 per hour and flats up to 16,000 per hour. Measuring only 9.9 feet long by 34 inches wide, the small footprint of the solution makes it seamless to add to existing mail and print and postal operations. The Reliant sorting solution enables mailers to access U.S. Postal Service outbound sorting, in-bound sorting, and Vote by Mail applications. It can also be configured for use by private and public posts. The solution is backed by a single service and support team for peak efficiency and performance.


  • Lowest entry cost and quickest ROI
  • Smallest footprint of any letter sorter on the market
  • Fits through a standard door and can be placed against a wall to minimize floor space
  • Operates on standard 120 volt outlets
  • OCR can process machine and handwritten addresses

Mailpiece Length



Mailpiece Height



Mailpiece Thickness



Mailpiece Weight

.07 oz

16 oz

System Capabilities:

  • USPS WABCR/MLOCR inbound/outbound sorting capabilities
  • Relia-Vote™ Vote by Mail applications
  • Public and Private Post applications
  • RAF OCR and Parascript OCR for handwritten addresses
  • Billing reports showing charge-backs by department

Printing capabilities:

  • IMB and Four State Barcodes
  • Indicia
  • Unique piece IDs
  • Endorsements