Rival™ Productivity Series inserting system

Experience powerful, flexible mail finishing in a smaller footprint.

With a modular, scalable platform, the Rival™ inserting system can be configured to meet your unique mail processing requirements. Consolidate systems, increase production capacity and process a range of letters and flats with this easy-to-use setup.  Built on the superior Productivity Series inserting platform, our mid-range mail finishing solution saves valuable production and changeover times while delivering the highest levels of performance during peak processing periods.

Rival™ Productivity Series inserting system | Pitney Bowes

Here's how your business can benefit from Rival.

Guaranteed accuracy

Ensure accurate mail processing with precision tracking software.

Automated setup

Improve efficiencies with automated setup features.

Improved efficiency

Process a wide range of letters and flats on a single platform.

Increased productivity

Maximize output in less space via a compact footprint.


Mailpiece size

  • Letters and flats


  • 6 3/4" to 13"


  • 4" to 10"

Document length

  • Cut 7" to 14"
  • Continuous 3.67" to 14"

Document width

  • 7" to 12"

Fold types

  • C, Z, half, double, no fold


  • Up to 10,000 envelopes/hour
  • Up to 12,000 envelopes/hour (optional)

Integrity scanning

  • OMR, barcode, 2D, OCR