The benefits of USPS Intelligent Mail at your fingertips.

SortEngine™ Full Service IMb®

Easy Full Service IMb® implementation on your Pitney Bowes sorter that meets all USPS submission requirements.

Take advantage of the additional benefits that can be obtained through the USPS Full Service Intelligent Mail program including additional reductions on postage rates and individual piece level tracking.

The complete Full Service IMb package includes the necessary software and hardware required for fully compliant USPS sorter mailings. The software completes the preliminary and final electronic MAIL.DAT documentation and submission including all of the physical tray and pallet nesting information. Hand scanners are used at the individual pallets to confirm that each tray is loaded onto the proper pallet. This package also helps mailers print USPS compliant pallet placards for use when palletizing mailings.


  • Meet USPS Full Service IMb mail submission requirements
  • Improve your postage discount and mail preparation process
  • Properly track trays and pallets with hand scanners