Sort remittance mail at up to 45,000 pieces an hour.

Vantage™ Lockbox mail sorting solution

The Vantage™ Lockbox mail sorting solution sorts remittance mail at processing speeds up to 45,000 pieces an hour, including in-line openers and sequencing capabilities.

It's not surprising that companies who track speed and accuracy in terms of dollars and cents choose the Vantage™ Lockbox solution above all others. Using the most advanced solution for remittance mail you can accelerate the flow of incoming payments and cash deposits -- with no limit on the number of sort destinations.


  • Create optimal sort plans so that high-value payments are processed immediately.
  • In-line openers sequencing capabilities and customizable tray tags help you induct checks into the banking system faster.
  • Sort from any component in the address block.
  • Keep your mail moving with customizable automated tray tags
  • Generate and monitor lockbox volume reports in real-time.

Value-Add Features

By intelligently using customer-supplied database constraints automate the optimization of your sort plans and minimize the number of passes needed to sort mail with no limit  to the number of sort destinations

  • Outsort high-value payments on the first pass
  • Utilize Local Video Encoding (LVE) for automating non-OCR readable mail
  • Maximize throughput with an operator friendly design for unmatched ease of use
  • Read-write OCR is capable of locating and reading address information that is handwritten hand printed and machine printed
  • Industry leading OCR technology reads PO Box number Vanity Addresses ZIP + 4® POSTNET barcodes Intelligent Mail® barcodes Departments Company Names -- or your own individual requirements
  • Automated database generation software eliminates burdensome manual database maintenance