Vantage™ sorting solution

High-speed letter processing with in-line options.

As the first high-speed sorter to feature in-line metering and the highest industry read rates, Vantage is a multi-application system and industry leader in operational throughput. Production workflow is simplified by eliminating the need to meter mail at different rates or managing pre-printed envelopes, thus ensuring higher productivity and more efficient mail processing.

Vantage™ mail sorting solution

How Vantage can enhance your business.

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Increase speed & accuracy

Process mail faster and more efficiently.

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Increase uptime

Continue workflow without interruption.

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Save money

Reduce costs by automating tasks of reading, weighing, printing, metering and sorting.

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Precise data tracking

Gather data instantly with our proprietary Business Logic Processing software.


Engineered for optimum efficiency

The Vantage sorting system is flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. You can choose between a standard sorting process or metering mode by leveraging our proprietary Business Logic Processing software. Vantage combines speed, intelligence and endurance to achieve consistent overall throughput. 


  • Meet strict submission requirements by tracking individual mailpieces all the way to each pocket with exclusive positive piece-level tracking.
  • Eliminate the possibility of doubles with a double detection device featuring integrated optical view.
  • Capitalize on mail processing efficiency and revenue generation with enhanced read capability via best-in-class OCR technology.
  • Avoid incremental labor for reprocessing unreadable mail. 


Sophisticated technology means superior performance.

It isn't surprising that companies who track speed and accuracy in terms of dollars and cents choose the Vantage™ Lockbox solution above all others. Using the most advanced solution for remittance mail, you can accelerate the flow of incoming payments and cash deposits - with no limit on the number of sort destinations. The Vantage Lockbox sorts remittance mail at processing speeds up to 45,000 pieces an hour, including in-line openers and sequencing capabilities.


  • Create optimal sort plans to process high-value payments immediately.
  • Induct checks into the banking system faster with in-line opener sequencing capabilities and customizable automated tray tags. 
  • Sort from any component in the address block.
  • Generate and monitor lockbox volume reports in real-time.
  • Outsort high-value payments on the first pass.

Vantage features


Large 92” auto feed deck

Variable speed control

Enhanced mail settling section

Mail piece static guard

Flexible tier pockets: positive piece level tracking

Intuitive graphical user interface

Standard/info mail support

One button self-test

PBMC operational reporting package


WABCR (Wide Area Barcode Reading)

MLOCR address reader

Inbound/outbound processing

Separator card detection

Double detector

Selective mail piece opener

Dual lane inline weigh-on-the-fly scale

Local video encoding

MERLIN® standards grading

FlexLine™ multiple tier stackers

Single or double-side stackers

Full service Intelligent Mail® barcode

Track and trace integration

Mail piece image archival

Helpdesk, on-call on-site service

In-line metering

Vantage specifications

Minimum length

  • 5.0" letters only
  • 6.0" letters and flats

Maximum length

  • 11.25" letters only
  • 13.00" letters and flats

Minimum height

  • 3.50" letters only
  • 3.50" letters and flats

Maximum height

  • 7.50" letters only
  • 10.00" letters and flats

Maximum thickness

  • .25" letters only
  • .25" letters and flats

Minimum weight

  • .07 oz letters only
  • .07 oz letters and flats

Maximum weight

  • 4.0 oz letters only
  • 8.8 oz letters and flats

Design speed for #10/HR

  • 50k letters only
  • 40k letters and flats

Postcard design speed/HR

  • 50k letters only
  • 40k letters and flats

Flats design speed/HR

  • NA letters only
  • 24k letters and flats

Standard feeder magazine capacity

  • 92" letters only
  • 92" letters and flats

Pockets, maximum

  • >1,000 letters only
  • 160 letters and flats

Pockets, minimum

  • 24/12 letters only
  • 8 letters and flats

Stacker tier levels

  • 4, 3 or 2 letters only
  • 1 letters and flats

SortEngine 360

SortEngine™ 360, powered by Business Logic Processing, is Pitney Bowes’ new global sortation software platform that enhances the operational performance of postal operations. Built on an architecture of flexible business logic processing, this software enables commonality amongst letters, flats, mixed mail and parcel hardware platforms. SortEngine® 360 does this by offering a variety of feature sets in applications, functionality, interfaces, reporting, scheming, and security and control. With a transforming market comes the need for future adaptability in business, so the need to keep up with new regulations and compliances for mail and parcel induction is critical. SortEngine® 360 introduces the OCR evolution with an Address Learning System (ALS) and is able to ingest data while providing multiple interface capabilities through its flexible API.